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The Ipro Enterprise platform can help firms and organizations streamline their litigation process, reduce their cost, and mitigate their risk by offering a fully integrated solution for early case assessment, analytical review, and powerful processing and production. These integrated products can be purchased as an Enterprise solutions or as standalone applications for ultimate flexibility. The platform’s Automated Digital Discovery (ADD™) workflow combines scalable functionality, end-to-end capabilities, and advanced analytics technology that allows users to grow their processes with their data.

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  • Full integrated ECA, review, and processing platform
  • No moving or copying of files across disparate systems
  • Less cost of ownership, including training and storage
  • High speed ingestion and indexing of unstructured data
  • Visual representation of data provides an intuitive understanding
  • Cull rates of 90% reduce review costs
  • Web-based review platform
  • Included Analytics package provides technology assisted review functionality
  • High speed production directly from review
  • Enhanced litigation processing and production
  • Distributed architecture allows unlimited scalability
  • Automated workers require almost no human supervision