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It’s getting to be that time here in Arizona… Rules set by the Arizona Supreme Court mandate that by September 15 all attorneys in the state must complete at least 15 hours of continuing legal education (CLE) in order to maintain a license in good standing. Elsewhere in the country, attorneys might start thinking about getting a head start while enjoying some of the finest weather in the United States.

Each year, as the reporting date looms, you’ll find quite a few anxious attorneys scrambling to get their CLE done. That can create a last-minute dilemma, as you might find yourself facing expensive fees, or the prospect of sitting through hours of tedium. But fear not! We’re about to explore a couple ways you can find free CLE to meet Arizona requirements or wherever you might practice.

And not only are we talking about avoiding expensive coursework, the options we’re going to explore also let you avoid sitting in a classroom — and even having fun while you’re doing it. Sound too good to be true? Let’s take a look at a couple options that can actually be pretty enjoyable (and free).

Option #1: Free CLE on the Web

Let’s talk mitigating circumstances: Sure, you’re still going to sit through educational seminars that you might find a bit boring, but at least you can do it anywhere. That might mean carving out an hour or two at the office or, even better, pouring your beverage of choice, getting comfortable, and then logging on from home.

LexisNexis®, for one, offers numerous online seminars via its LexisNexis University web portal. Topics are wide ranging, such as the March 30 webcast Avoiding the Million Dollar Comma: The Use of Forms in Legal Drafting. This is just one example of getting free CLE in Arizona via the internet. There are quite a few other places offering it, if you know where to look.


Option #2: Free CLE at Conferences

In the legal industry it’s common to find conferences sponsored by litigation support or technology providers. These often center around the sponsor’s products or services, but can also include CLE-eligible seminars. Ipro Tech, LLC offers one of the most notable opportunities for free CLE in Arizona, at the annual Ipro Innovations conference.

Innovations is especially noteworthy because it includes an entire track conducted by The Sedona Conference. These CLE-eligible sessions dive into some of the most fascinating and timely topics in law today, such as the session Understanding the Science and Mathematics behind TAR.

Ipro Tech also goes to great lengths to make the event fun, with a golf-themed party, a salsa-making challenge, and a venue that’s one of the most desirable destinations in the Valley. The only downside of Innovations is that high demand leads to sessions filling up quickly. It’s advisable to register for the conference as soon as you can.

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