The successful candidate must have:

  • C# .NET experience
  • Understanding of fundamental Computer Science concepts like O-notation
  • Understanding of object-oriented design and programming principles
  • A good understanding of source control
  • Familiarity of design patterns and practices
  • A love for keeping up with the latest technology

The ideal candidate would:

  • Have contributed to open source projects
  • Know serialization and have experience with formats like JSON, XML, and Protocol Buffers
  • Be able to craft simple SQL queries

We are looking for someone who:

  • Is attracted to challenging and complex assignments
  • Enjoys pushing themselves beyond their comfort zone
  • Understands that team interaction is important to success
  • Loves learning new things through mentoring
  • Welcomes suggestions and contributions to your designs and code
  • Puts efficiency and performance at the center of their work
  • Prefers the simple and elegant solution
  • Strives to understand software from a technical and customer standpoint before making changes
  • Is excited about learning better ways to solve software problems and not hung up on one-size-fits-all past programming models or tools
  • Enjoys spirited whiteboard design discussions to work out solutions with other engineers
  • Cares about the customer’s experience in using and maintaining the software they develop

About the role: What to expect.

 The engineers on our Platform Development Team are designing and building the next generation of our software. Software that is scalable and will run in both on-premise and cloud based physical and virtualized environments. We’re building software that can scale for the cloud but can also run on premise (the foregoing was not a typo). We’re working with modern tools and development techniques and we feel this fact qualifies us to use the word “startup” somewhere in this job description. Although we move quickly and subscribe to Agile principles, we also have the support of a full complement of product managers, QA engineers, designers, and support staff.  You will use tools like Git, Redis, Docker, Kubernetes, Jira, Elasticsearch, SonarQube, Visual Studio, and ReSharper. You will use libraries like Autofac, AutoMapper, IdentityServer4, Dapper, MiniProfiler, Swashbuckle, and NewtonSoft.Json. You will use patterns like Dependency Injection, CQRS, Mediator, Chain of Responsibility, and just about every other Gang of Four pattern.

We win with people. Here’s how we support ours.

  • 100% company-paid benefits for the employee including: Health, Dental, Short/Long Term Disability and up to $50,000 in life insurance.
  • 15 PTO days and 10 paid holidays.
  • 401(k) plan
  • We offer flexible start and end times.
  • We have a startup company feel but 26 years of industry experience.
  • Work/Life balance is valued and upheld.
  • We have a casual office culture.
  • We provide continuing technical training and tools like Safari by O’Reilly.