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From Motions to Money: How eDiscovery Technology Gives Small to Medium Law Firms 6 Big Wins

Wilson Turner Kosmo Case Study

From Motions to Money: How eDiscovery Technology Gives Small to Medium Law Firms 6 Big Wins

“The way Ipro has listened to clients over the years and made changes accordingly has been extremely helpful and impactful to our practice.” Justin Peña, Sr. Paralegal, Wilson Turner Kosmo, LLP

As San Diego’s largest certified women-owned law firm and one of California’s largest, Wilson Turner Kosmo is an award-winning firm serving small businesses to Fortune 100 companies in labor & employment, business litigation, class action, and related matters within manufacturing, retail, restaurants and hospitality, health care, real estate, public entity, banking, transportation, oil and gas, technology, pharmaceutical, and other industries.

In order to meet their clients’ needs, Wilson Turner Kosmo’s growing team of paralegals are responsible for technology-driven tasks such as data collection, processing, setup, and review.

Historically, paralegals ran the eDiscovery workflow through Concordance, but as the firm evolved, they needed a more robust platform. New and expanding practice areas in labor & employment and business groups meant more emails and other electronically stored information (ESI) to deal with.

After a comprehensive vetting process, Wilson Turner Kosmo selected Ipro Eclipse SE + Trial Director, with plans to upgrade to the all-new Ipro for Desktop shortly. The firm has also utilized the Ipro Services Team when datasets on class actions suits grows beyond internal housing. In these instances, they were able to scale up to Ipro’s Enterprise solution in the cloud.

Six Big Wins from the Ipro eDiscovery Solution:

“PSA: The more you know…” Justin Peña, Sr. Paralegal, Wilson Turner Kosmo, LLP

Win #1: Motions

Attorneys found that reviewing deposition transcripts with issue tags enabled them to write motions for summary judgment quicker and more efficiently. Not surprisingly, this helped them win more motions.

Win #2: Simplicity

As of January 2020, all parties in California must identify documents as they relate to a party’s production requests. With Ipro, the firm increased its ability to work within its current workflow to identify those production requests. The paralegals were able to tag documents for production, create coding forms, and then create fields to include an RFP number. Once it’s done, they then create a report to comply with the statute.

“The process is not cumbersome at all, and it’s extremely helpful for attorneys who aren’t so tech-savvy.” Justin Peña, Sr. Paralegal, Wilson Turner Kosmo, LLP

Win #3: Size

Ipro allows the firm to unitize, or in other words, split documents. (For example, personnel files that come as one large PDF with up to 200 pages). By unitizing, they can separate privileged documents and other items that do not need to be produced from the review pass.

“We constantly use this feature. We have looked at other products and some don’t have it which was a deal-breaker because we use it so much. Justin Peña, Sr. Paralegal, Wilson Turner Kosmo, LLP

Win #4: Interconnectivity

One of the biggest benefits the firm found is the ability to review transcripts to create issue tags, link documents to exhibits, and to review those deposition transcripts for other deposition prep, trial, and arbitration.

“From a green standpoint, I’m always in favor of a workflow method that eliminates the need to print and prepare binders.” Justin Peña, Sr. Paralegal, Wilson Turner Kosmo, LLP

Win #5: Speed

The persistent highlighting feature, which has keywords custom-developed on the backend, enables the team to instantly create a set of words and have a consistent highlighted color, allowing for much quicker review.

Win #6: Savings

In addition to being able to serve its clients more effectively and more quickly, Wilson Turner Kosmo now saves its clients’ money.

“Our goal is to be more efficient because of how busy we are. In California, the competition is high, and people are trying to reduce legal costs and provide value added service to their clients” Justin Peña, Sr. Paralegal, Wilson Turner Kosmo, LLP




How Meta-e Discovery Uses Ipro to Lower Costs for Clients (Case Study)

meta-e discovery Ipro

How Meta-e Discovery Uses Ipro to Lower Costs for Clients (Case Study)

Paul McVoy is the CEO and co-founder of Meta-e Discovery, an award-winning firm specializing in litigation support, technology-assisted review, and consulting. He oversees a dedicated team with offices in New York, NY, Fort Meyers, FL and Milford, Connecticut.

Formerly a law firm’s in-house eDiscovery unit, the independent company today works in state and federal courts alike, with a case load evenly split between plaintiffs and defendants. McVoy’s bio best summarizes his business philosophy: “By using the best technology, coupled with the right advice, any party, no matter what size, can match up evenly against any other.”

“Nothing beats Ipro for being able to process and handle multi-page and multi-document PDFs,” McVoy says. Meta-e Discovery has a long history of utilizing Ipro tools like TrialDirector, eScanit, and eCapture, products with a proven record of success on “the plaintiff side of things.”

“We needed a powerful processing tool to handle data internally. But for our smaller clients, we also needed a more economical, compact footprint to do that. Ipro was perfect.”

Ipro Solutions for Every Stage

Meta-e Discovery routinely joins a case after it has already commenced, at which point they are inundated with previously produced PDFs. McVoy explains that his operation built its workflow around Ipro tools, because they’ve proven so integral to data-handling success.

In addition to helping clients with their discovery needs, Meta-e also assists them prepare for depositions, hearings, and trials.  Their go to tool is TrialDirector.  Its feature rich interface allows Meta-e to enable their clients’ examinations to focus on the important parts of their exhibits without slowing down

“The tool is so easy to use. We load all exhibits into TrialDirector ahead of the case to begin preparing it for the court.”

A Winning Combination

In one memorable case, a trial was slated to last four weeks. By utilizing TrialDirector’s capabilities and delivering a seamless experience, Meta-e helped expedite the trial, which ended a week early. Reduced preparatory time allowed the team to better focus on client needs, and a shorter trial saved the client $100,000 overall.

“The client was so happy, we became their go-to service provider going forward. When they have new cases, we get them all. The technology allows us to lower costs for clients while taking on more business. And the use of Ipro services allows us to ramp up during times of need.”

TrialDirector’s audio/video sync capabilities top the list of McVoy’s favorite Ipro features, enabling the legal team to prepare deposition designations and to obtain daily exhibit lists with ease. Attorneys can call out documents “on the fly” during a trial, as others are speaking, and identify pertinent information quickly.

Exhibit production and other time-sensitive demands often warrant the involvement of a trial tech. Inserting someone into a team to serve that role for three to four weeks can be challenging. McVoy finds that Ipro’s Trial Director enables collaboration and reduces preparation time, particularly when a court orders a case to move quickly and neither side is displaying boards.

Meta-e cuts all video with TrialDirector ahead of time and leverages the skills of an Ipro tech with the platform’s functionality to get the job done. “It can be ten, fifteen, twenty hours a day. And with a small team, having someone come in and help is great.”

“One recent trial was unique in that all testimony was taken from historical video deposition designations. The judge was very impressed with how seamless and precise it came out. They hadn’t been exposed to such a high level of technology used in the courtroom or the level of expertise that the Ipro tech brought.”

McVoy insists that Ipro has delivered a high level of care and attention in every interaction, inside and outside the courtroom, over many years.

“We’ve worked with a lot of vendors, and Ipro’s technology and customer service stand out.”


To Hear Clients Talk About the Difference Ipro for Enterprise Can Make, Watch this Video!

Ipro for Enterprise from Ipro eDiscovery & InfoGov on Vimeo.

By partnering with Ipro, ProFile Discovery Gives Clients Peace-of-Mind (While Saving Them Time & Money)

ProFile Discovery Ipro

By partnering with Ipro, ProFile Discovery Gives Clients Peace-of-Mind (While Saving Them Time & Money)

For nearly two decades, Ohio-based ProFile Discovery has been assisting Law Firms and Legal Departments with their eDiscovery projects from collection to production, including Managed Review. As ProFile owner Andrew Keck puts it, “We’ll work pretty much start to finish on the EDRM as needed, including cybersecurity, forensic investigations, and cyber penetration testing.” And since 2006, ProFile has worked collaboratively with Ipro, further enhancing its commitment in 2017 by joining the Ipro Partner Program as a reseller.

ProFile’s objective with new clients is to evaluate their ambitions, demonstrate the best tools available, and determine right-sized solutions. The demands of particular caseloads or information management needs, for example, may not warrant the cost of implementing a full-scale environment in-house. Which is why, in Keck’s view, it’s often much cheaper for organizations to initially outsource, until a different scale of operation is required.

Director of eDiscovery Linda Wong oversees the scope of services ProFile offers and has worked in step with the evolution of Ipro’s products, with a particular focus on filling the gap for small and mid-size firms in the U.S. as well as internationally, who lack their own litigation support teams.

Most ProFile projects average 500,000 documents for processing, but the high end may reach up to 13 million. Emails dominate, though an assortment of paper documents still require scanning and manual coding into Ipro. Clients typically send collected data as a PST file or give ProFile access to their Office 365 to obtain specific custodians’ data.

“Using Ipro’s advanced analytics, our immediate focus is an Early Case Assessment to analyze the data provided,” says Hans Foster, Managing Partner of ProFile’s Cleveland office. “This allows us to confidently advise clients as to what we can do to save them time and money.”

Ipro for Enterprise’s ability to stream information directly into review during processing greatly reduces job completion time. As Linda Wong says, “We ingest data, turn to other work, then come back and start again. With streaming, we can manage each project and our time more efficiently.”

Hans Foster adds, “We are not done after data is processed into review. We also employ and contract with attorneys that specialize in linear document review and defensible Technology Assisted Review (TAR). Between a review team’s expertise, Ipro Analytics, and our workflow, Ipro’s TAR becomes ProFile’s Smart Review.”

Linda Wong also praises Ipro’s advanced analytics for email threading, near-duplicate identification, and concept clustering, which enable her team to quickly and accurately cull datasets. “In one case we cut documents by one-third by using concept searches and near-dupe to make sure we didn’t miss other versions or variations of a document,” she said. ProFile can also use these tools to QC productions from opposing counsel.

But ProFile’s workflow doesn’t stop there. As Hans Foster puts it, “we aren’t just collection to production, we are collection to court. Our team has sat in the hot seat for hundreds of trials, and a couple of us have worked inside law firms preparing for trial. This gives us unique perspective to organize clients during discovery with an eye toward trial, which allows the attorneys we serve to effectively prepare and not spend wasted time organizing and looking for documents.”

And because ProFile utilizes Ipro for Enterprise to manage and secure the data of law firms and corporations, they know cybersecurity is of the highest importance. After a careful benefits analysis, Keck embraced Ipro’s cloud environment. “I’m really forward with clients when I tell them, ‘I’m not storing your data on our personal servers or in our office. I’m storing it on Ipro’s cloud.’ And I’m doing that on my behalf and on their behalf, because I want to protect it.”

Keck’s team instills this confidence by sharing Ipro’s contact information with clients on day one. “I want our clients to recognize the things we can do for them, as well as the experience and support Ipro brings to the table. This gives legal teams the peace-of-mind to practice law, knowing ProFile and Ipro have the technology side of things covered.”



To Hear Clients Talk About the Difference Ipro for Enterprise Can Make, Watch this Video!

Ipro for Enterprise from Ipro eDiscovery & InfoGov on Vimeo.



Law Firm Brinks, Gilson & Lione Highlights Ipro Enterprise eDiscovery for “Ease-Of-Use”

Ipro Ease-Of-Use

Law Firm Brinks, Gilson & Lione Highlights Ipro Enterprise eDiscovery for Ease-Of-Use

Earlier this year, Suzanne O’Mahoney, Director of Paralegal Services and Litigation Support, Brinks, Gilson & Lione, shared some thoughts on why BGL chose Ipro as their eDiscovery solution.

Ease of Use. First Class Support.

We are a boutique law firm focused mainly on patent, trademark, and copyright law. Five years ago, we wanted to update our eDiscovery software from Concordance and after looking at all of our options, the litigation support group at the firm all agreed that Ipro for enterprise was the best solution, especially for its ease-of-use and Ipro’s first class customer support.

Strong Relationships

I love the people at Ipro. I am someone who appreciates good relationships, and if I have a problem, I simply pick up the phone, and Ipro responds immediately. Last year, one of our key players at the firm who handled most of litigation support needed to take family leave. Ipro stepped in and said, “Sue, we’re here for you. Here’s a number. Call us if you need anything, and we will assist and guide you while you’re shorthanded.” I appreciate that. Instead of having to outsource everything, I felt good keeping it in-house, because I had Ipro as a safety net.

A True eDiscovery Partner

Not only do I manage a department, but I’m also a user, and Ipro really listens. If I have a problem and want something changed, they say, “We’ll see what we can do.” As a client, I like that. Ipro is a true professional service partner. They make you feel like you are part of a family.


To Hear Clients Talk About the Difference Ipro for Enterprise Can Make, Watch this Video!

Ipro for Enterprise from Ipro eDiscovery & InfoGov on Vimeo.



More Cases, Less Effort: How eDiscovery Technology Enables the Small & Mid-Sized Law Firm

eDiscovery Mid-Sized Law Firm

More Cases, Less Effort: How eDiscovery Technology Enables the Small & Mid-Sized Law Firm

Paul, Plevin, Sullivan & Connaughton (PPS&C) LLP was formed in 1998 by four partners who specialize in Labor and Employment litigation.  Now with 29 lawyers devoted to defending and advising employers, Paul Plevin is recognized as one of California’s top management-side labor and employment law firms, representing employers in discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, trade secret, union-management, and other employment-related matters throughout California and, increasingly, nationwide.

Whitney Farrell is a paralegal at PPS&C, and one of five people who act as a small eDiscovery department within the firm. Along with two members of the IT department, this team knows the benefit of Ipro solutions and work cohesively when starting the process of eDiscovery.

As Whitney puts it, “We are a mid-sized firm, and Ipro is great for our needs, being instrumental in allowing our five paralegals to quickly intake documents on the fly. With the ability to work harmoniously between programs, we utilize Ipro’s eDiscovery tools daily. Then, for the two or three times a year as we prepare for arbitration or trial, we can tie everything together in TrialDirector.”

Leveraging Technology to Streamline the eDiscovery Workflow

Ten years ago, Paul Plevin used Adobe to manage case documents, then moved to an earlier Ipro product, eScanit, along with Concordance, but the firm was growing, and so were document counts. They needed a complete suite of products that would allow them to process, review, and produce documents.

As Whitney stated, “Litigation moves fast, and Ipro continues to keep up with the pace. Now our paralegals are able to streamline the intake process and speed through any processing jobs, allowing our attorneys to review as soon as possible.”

She continues, “Ipro’s processing engine allows us to all work within the controller at one time, which has helped tremendously with workflow. Previously, we had workstations set up in a separate office, so we would have to physically change locations to process any jobs. Now, with a single, centralized controller on all of our computers, we are able to work from our desks. This has greatly improved our workflow, and we all process so much faster now. Attorneys also love Ipro for desktop and responded positively when we transitioned from our previous vendor. Now, the staff are able to perform document review quickly and easily.”

Scaling for a Variety of Cases and Clients

Case size can vary greatly depending on the matter, and the need to scale becomes vital. For example, union arbitration cases are relatively small, often with only a few hundred documents, and come and go quickly. At the same time, staff may get a special request to look at a plaintiff’s emails in their entirety (e.g. 10 years of emails, 150k+ documents), which will exponentially grow the database.

During a complaint involving a hospital – which was originally filed in December of 2013, when they were still using Concordance – PPS&C decided to migrate to Ipro solutions. Moving 10k documents was seamless, and attorneys were able to manage the case quickly, as well as now being able to import documents into TrialDirector for the trial.

“The fact that we were able to easily switch software in the middle of an ongoing case, which we then won, says a lot,” according to Whitney.  “This same case was recently called back on appeal, and when we opened the case in the software, it was all still easily accessible, and we were ready to move forward immediately.”

Not only does Ipro provide the power and scalability to handle large electronic datasets, transferring files sent via email, file transfer, or hard drive, it also has the flexibility to deal with legacy files. In one recent case involving a professor who had been at his university for 25 years, Paul Plevin received boxes of paper documents dropped at their offices. But with Ipro, they were able to scan them directly, utilizing the powerful processing engine, and immediately prepare the attorneys for review.

“A One-Stop-Shop”

When asked what she likes most about Ipro, Whitney responded, “Everything I need is in one place, and all the products work so well together. It breaks everything down into a straightforward, three-step process: processing, administration, and review. Ipro is truly a one-stop-shop. And the post-processing Quality Control (QC) module – which we always use whether the dataset is a single page or a thousand emails – allows us to keep clean, clutter-free, accurate databases, keeping attorneys from wasting time with bad data, and instead, has them quickly moving into review.”

“And besides the software,” Whitney adds, “Ipro’s tech support and training teams are amazing. I’m always able to get the help I need to solve any problem. Ipro makes our process quick and effective, allowing us to save time and take on additional cases without additional effort. It was so easy to make the switch, our attorneys love it, and we haven’t looked back.”

Want to learn more about how Ipro helps small and mid-sized law firms
use technology to compete with the AmLaw 200?

Listen to this webinar with PPS&C’s Whitney Farrell and and Wilson, Turner, Kosmo’s Justin Peña

Thinking Outside the eDiscovery Box: How Technology Solves Data Problems Beyond Litigation

eDiscovery beyond litigation

Thinking Outside the eDiscovery Box: How Technology Solves Data Problems Beyond Litigation

JD Supra Readers Choice Top Author 2020Written by Jim Gill
Content Chief, Ipro

Back in 2006, when Rule 34 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) was amended to create a new category of discoverable information – Electronically Stored Information or ESI – eDiscovery was legitimized, and eDiscovery software was created to move ESI through the litigation process.

Fast forward to 2020, and ESI has grown in both size and complexity – terabytes (or even petabytes) of data from multiple sources like social media, email, chat, the Internet of Things (IoT) – and the goal of collecting, processing, and analyzing data for litigation has proven even more challenging.

But focusing on this challenge creates tunnel vision and overshadows other ways this powerful eDiscovery technology can be used. Anytime an organization needs to quickly ingest, organize, analyze, and report on large datasets, eDiscovery software offers an immediate solution and can be applied in various ways. One example is how government agencies are finding eDiscovery software is the perfect tool for responding to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

Another example of thinking outside the eDiscovery box comes from J.S. Held, a company providing services for commercial contractors, allowing them to better understand where issues arise in their construction projects. In a recent conversation with Tim Martin, Technical Project Manager at J.S. Held, he shared, “We use the Ipro eDiscovery solution internally to handle the large volume of data created and generated during a construction project. When we receive hard drives of files from clients, Ipro enables us to quickly search, tag, code, and sort those documents, allowing us to review them with a streamlined approach and within a quicker timeframe.”

Previously, the team at J.S. Held would load files from clients, which in some cases had over a million documents, onto a file server, then have to manually open each one of those files and move them into a folder to classify them by type. “But by using Ipro analytics, we can do that on ingestion. As soon as the documents come in, we gain a clear picture of the data, and it can be quickly coded and classified, enabling us to cut sorting and coding times down to measurable hours, as opposed to the days it would have taken with our old process.”

In the end, that’s what eDiscovery software does: ingests a large volume of data, giving the user deep insight into what’s there with the ability to easily track and report those findings. It has so many applications across multiple industries, like commercial construction. It doesn’t matter if that data is a part of litigation or not. And as enterprise data continues to grow exponentially, this insight becomes more and more vital. As Tim from J.S. Held puts it, “By finding that needle in the haystack sooner, we can quickly and accurately communicate any issues to clients, which they greatly appreciate.”

Want to learn more about eDiscovery challenges and solutions?

ProSearch, PayPal, Squire Patton Boggs, Receive 2020 eDiscovery Innovator Awards

2020 Ipro eDiscovery Innovator Awards

ProSearch, PayPal, Squire Patton Boggs, Receive 2020 Ipro eDiscovery Innovator Awards

Ipro is pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 eDiscovery Innovator Awards. Chosen from over 3,000 Ipro customers, these awards were presented at the Ipro Tech Show held earlier this year at Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law.

Legal Service Provider

This year’s winner in the Legal Service Provider category is ProSearch. Not only are they incredibly capable on core processing capabilities and are so well ingrained with what clients do as a business, they are truly pushing the envelope on how to deliver more value to customers using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

As Dean Brown, Ipro CEO, stated at the awards ceremony, “ProSearch has processed over eleven and a half petabytes of data in the last few years. What’s in a petabyte? This is three to five times more information than the Library of Congress holds in its entire digital collection. This is an incredibly capable team doing things that are well beyond what you would expect from a legal service provider. I come away fascinated and amazed every time I hear about what they are doing.”

The team from ProSearch responded to the award by saying, “We’ve been partners with Ipro for many years, and a lot of our success comes from that partnership. Their powerful platform has allowed us to automate job management and ultimately process a lot of data for our clients with flexibility, customization, and consistency. And the Ipro support staff and engineers have been with us every step of the way, helping us to solve challenges, explore new questions and new ideas. We’re very thankful.”


This year’s winner in the Corporate category is PayPal, a team that has consistently been singled out as blazing a trail of innovation, doing more with less, and integrating legal operations.

As Dean stated at the award ceremony, “There is always some friction between Legal, IT, business units, and outside counsel, but this team has gotten past that. They have brought in outside counsel and are collaborating through preferred relationships, while bridging the gap with business and IT in ways I’ve not seen done better.”

On accepting the award, Cecil Lynn, Global eDiscovery Director at PayPal, said, “We appreciate the honor, and I can’t tell you how humbled we are by this accolade. It has truly been a team effort here at PayPal to embody the holistic approach to innovation. But you know innovation is a two-way street, and we are incredibly thankful and proud to have a partner in Ipro, who we consider part of our extended family. They truly listen to us and have heard us and have seen our vision. We truly appreciate Ipro, not just for what they’ve done for PayPal, but for other corporate clients and the rest of the eDiscovery community.”

Law Firm

This year’s winner in the Law Firm category is Squire Patton Boggs, who for years now has received headlines in the popular press lauding them for “Most Innovative Use of Technology by a Large Law Firm” and giving “Top Marks in 2020 on the Corporate Equality Index.”

As Dean shared at the award ceremony, “It’s this kind of entrepreneurial spirit coupled with an open, inclusive culture favoring diversity that resonates so much in the industry. For me, it is one of the many reasons I’ve enjoyed working with this group of people.”

The team from Squire Patton Boggs responded to the award by saying, “First of all, we’d like to thank Ipro for all the work you help us through. Certainly, this type of recognition is not achieved without it. We would also like to say thanks to the entire team that has brought us this far. There are only ten of us servicing the entire globe, but we are efficient and effective. We are afforded this opportunity because of the attorneys, the leadership, and the innovation committee at Squire that gives us the latitude and the ability to go and serve our clients as best we can.”


If you missed the Ipro Tech Show this year or just want to re-live some of the action
Visit the Ipro Tech Show 2020 Virtual Replay!


How 3 Law Firms are Using eDiscovery Technology to Their Advantage

How law firms are using eDiscovery technology

How 3 Law Firms are Using eDiscovery Technology to Their Advantage

It’s been the same story ever since the Cartwright Power Loom or the McCormick Thresher: Technology enables the more efficient execution of the task at hand. eDiscovery is no different. There are numerous solutions out there, each designed to alleviate some particular pain point along the EDRM. But it’s not often you get to hear directly from the people on the front lines on how they’re leveraging technology to more effectively manage their legal teams’ workflow.

Here are 3 eDiscovery practitioners on how Ipro is helping them overcome those challenges.

Bare Bones to Fully Loaded

Stacie Hauza, Deputy Paralegal Administrator/Litigation Support Coordinator at Bredhoff & Kaiser, was working with older eDiscovery software, which was, “very bare bones without any analytics, and there was no way to batch documents, so we couldn’t conduct full-scale reviews.” It was clear that in order to take on the growing complexities with incoming cases, a new solution was needed.

“By adding Ipro for enterprise,” Hauza continues, “we could easily create review passes for review teams and gained the ability to process data in-house, run large-scale reviews utilizing keywords for search term reporting, as well as analytics like near-dupe, clustering, email threading, and TAR, all within a user-friendly interface.”

Not only are they able to review document collections faster, they can also manage incorrect productions from opposing counsel. Hauza recalls one case where an opposing party produced emails in PDF format without extracting any attachments. “With Ipro’s powerful processing engine, I was able to extract the attachments embedded in the PDF, giving us quick access to the full document family which should have been produced. And with Ipro’s OCR functionality in the review module, I was able to fix bad PDF production text on-the-fly after processing. We also had the ability to QC the opposing party’s work after they attempted to re-produce, where it became clear they were just reviewing and stamping in native format using Adobe. If they would have had Ipro for enterprise, their production would have been easy!

Discovery to Trial

Because so few civil cases go to trial, most legal technology focuses on document collection, processing, and review. But even if a case ultimately doesn’t end up in the courtroom, attorneys still have to prepare case strategy and potentially present evidence in mediation or arbitration. Having a solution that can carry things all the way through the process can increase efficiency a great deal.

Carey Granda, Trial & Technology Training Manager at Snell & Wilmer, says “By using Ipro, one of the biggest problems we’ve solved is time spent on task, while efficiency with case creation and productions has greatly improved from our previous document review tool. The combination of industry resources put together in a way that makes sense offers a one-stop tool for users working towards greater efficiency from eDiscovery to trial.”

Victoria Stevens, Senior Paralegal at Wilenchik & Bartness, has had similar success with technology that goes beyond traditional document review. “Collecting documents from their native source significantly reduces (and often eliminates) discovery disputes,” she says, “but Ipro can do so much more than that. She continues: “We use it to tag documents for each witness, which ultimately will be used to prepare for depositions and create affidavits with corroborating evidence for motion practice and trial presentation with Trial Director by Ipro. And the ease of using Ipro to ingest data and then have immediate access to key documents to search, tag, redact, make notes, and ultimately produce for opposing counsel has been such a time-saver — it’s a must-have tool for our attorneys and their litigation practice. Tasks that would take hours (sometimes days) now take a fraction of that time. Our clients save money, and the legal team can focus on more substantive issues and get to the heart of the case.”

A Technology Partnership

It’s no secret that lawyers aren’t technology experts, so it can be frustrating when they’re presented with software that takes a lot of time to learn. That’s why selecting an eDiscovery solution that can get users up and running quickly is important. As the Trial & Technology Training Manager at Snell & Wilmer, Carey Granda “loves hearing from users about Ipro’s intuitive interface, which provides them a DIY approach that wasn’t possible with our former product. This frees me up to handle more consultation with eDiscovery and advanced training guidance instead of teaching people how to use the software.”

And because each case has its own unique challenges, even easy-to-use technology can only take you so far. That’s where having an experienced technology partner can make all the difference.

“The Ipro Support Team is hands down the best in the business,” says Victoria Stevens, Senior Paralegal at Wilenchik & Bartness. “If you have an issue with production, they are relentless in getting it resolved, while teaching you to make your job in-house easier. Even beyond support, Ipro is a cutting-edge company with a team that listens to its clients’ needs and concerns by delivering a cost-effective, accessible approach to eDiscovery. Ipro makes my life easier. Every. Single. Day.”


For a deeper look at Ipro for enterprise and how it can help your legal team
Check out our latest product webinar!

Ipro Integral to LightSpeed Legal Success – Case Study

Ipro LightSpeed Case Study

Ipro Integral to LightSpeed Legal’s Success – Case Study

Flexible, Scalable, Powerful

Since 2006, LightSpeed Legal has provided eDiscovery, forensic, and trial services predominately to Am Law 100 firms in the US, as well as a variety of global clients. To do this successfully, they must quickly and accurately expedite the processing of large quantities of ESI and scanning of documents. As Rith Kem, Chief Strategy Officer at LightSpeed, says, “you can’t do that without the array of flexible options Ipro provides.”

He continues, “Our cases average between 100 and 200 gigabytes, but can quickly balloon to multiple terabytes. Ipro allows a strategic and nimble shop like LightSpeed to give white-glove service to all of our clients.”

Robust Analytics, Unparalleled Productions

When asked about which features specifically stand out, Rith responded, “All of the above,” going on to mention Ipro’s intricate processing features and flexibility, document batching, data reduction analytics, email threading, near dedupe, redactions, open APIs for 3rd party analytics, a robust ECA interface, on-the-fly but intricate reporting which includes access to the full metadata, and print options.

“We love that it’s not a black box,” Kem said. “Having access to the underlying database is very important. In a day and age when everything is automated, it’s easy getting data in, but a painful nightmare to have to go back and prove why things were produced the way they were. And we’ve done hundreds of productions using Ipro, and the level of quality to DOJ specifications is unparalleled.”

20 Terabytes, Multiple Languages, No Problem

In one recent case involving a government investigation into bribery charges at a Brazilian corporation, LightSpeed processed over 20 terabytes using Ipro for enterprise and loaded 15 million records into Ipro Review, hosted in LightSpeed’s own secure data center. LightSpeed brought in Portuguese speaking attorneys to begin the review process, and Ipro was selected for its user-friendly interface for review in addition to highly competitive pricing when compared to other platforms.

Analytics were also implemented at strategic points to assist in the efficiency of the review, such as running email threading and near-dupe analysis. Ipro also has a language ID feature that can identify up to 100 different languages. During the review, one reviewer said, “You can often tell when someone is discussing suspicious activity when they switch between languages.” Ipro’s ability to find these anomalies across multiple languages – in this instance, English, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese – played a vital role for the reviewers.

Significant Cost Reduction Over Other eDiscovery Products

With any case, strategy evolves as things move forward. Ipro’s flexibility, myriad options, and unlimited scalability have been integral to LightSpeed’s success. “Unlike a few solutions,” Rith said, “you can host Ipro on-premises, in Ipro’s cloud, or in other 3rd party clouds. This along with Ipro’s transparent pricing, allows our clients to significantly reduce costs compared to using other products.”


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Salt Lake Legal Takes on Bigger Cases, Expands Market Share with Ipro Technology Partnership

Salt Lake Legal and Ipro

Salt Lake Legal Takes on Bigger Cases, Expands Market Share with Ipro Technology Partnership

A Proven Partnership

Since 2001, Salt Lake Legal has provided legal support services to law firms and businesses in Utah and throughout the West. From document production, scanning, or electronic discovery, Salt Lake Legal has supported corporate legal teams, large law firms, and solo-practitioners with exceptional legal services.
Salt Lake Legal has used Ipro products for more than a decade, most recently moving to Ipro’s advanced cloud review technology for enterprise clients, giving them the power to take on larger, more complex cases.

Flexibility and Consistency

Even with these changes, Salt Lake Legal’s workflow didn’t change at all. The flexibility of Ipro allowed them to keep their current processes while giving them the confidence that they could easily handle the largest datasets. This eDiscovery power coupled with Ipro’s stellar back office support proved invaluable.

Advanced Analytics and AI

In one instance, Ipro’s advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities helped Salt Lake Legal land a particular case with millions of documents, because Ipro’s TAR functionality helped them quickly cull the data.

“Now more than ever, clients are asking about the TAR feature. Its ability to cull huge data sets really makes a difference in our ability to land bigger cases. Clients also really like the Ipro interface. It’s intuitive and user-friendly, and users can be up and running with it after one run-through on a one-hour web training.”

Shane Bawden, Salt Lake Legal                 Salt Lake Legal and Ipro

A Technology Partner to Grow With

Ipro’s ability to handle growth in the industry, both with technological advances and their ability to support clients, is the reason Salt Lake Legal continues their technology partnership with Ipro year after year.


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