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Ipro Announces Dates for the Ipro Tech Show, formerly Innovations

Ipro Tech Show

Tempe, Ariz. Jan 7th, 2019 – Ipro Tech, LLC, a global leader in eDiscovery software technology, announced today the 2019 dates and name change for its popular annual user conference. The new name, Ipro Tech Show, reinforces the company’s dedication to simplifying the process from within eDiscovery to Trial litigation software technology. The show provides attendees insights into quality industry knowledge, legal technology futures, productivity drivers, education and training. The Ipro Tech Show will be held April 29 – May 1, 2019. 

“It is an exciting time for Ipro and the show will provide us the platform to celebrate our future with our customers and industry friends. What differentiates Ipro from our competitors is that we offer eDiscovery software, services and support – bundled as a solution. Ipro eDiscovery is deployed the way you want it, Cloud, On-Prem or Desktop,” said Ipro CEO Dean Brown.  

Ipro is excited to announce that there will be new tracks, workshops, and more hands on opportunities for users to interact with the Ipro team. We are also pleased to announce the return of the Sedona Conference to the 2019 show. The Sedona Conference sessions are among over 50 other informative breakouts that cover eDiscovery and Trial Presentation best practices. As always the show is designed to help users get maximum use of their Ipro software technology partnership.  

In addition to the conference and training sessions, Ipro is hosting a Monday night Welcome Reception, a chance to meet and connect with Ipro professionals. Tuesday night brings a buffet style dinner, entertainment, networking opportunities with industry peers and an evening of fun with giveaways and prizes. The show wraps up midday on Wednesday. Details on Keynote speakers and a detailed agenda are to be announced. 

The Ipro Tech Show 2019 is held at Talking Stick Resort in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona, which also offers visitors two golf courses, a spa, several live entertainment venues and a casino. Additional details and event registration can be found at  

Ipro – Simplifying the Process from Discovery to Trial.  

Can’t wait for April to see us? Come see us at Legaltech New York at booth 302 January 29-31. Set up a meeting with us to learn more about how Ipro can be your legal technology partner.  

About Ipro Tech, LLC 

Ipro is a global leader in eDiscovery technology used by legal professionals to streamline discovery of electronic data through presentation at trial. Ipro draws upon decades of innovation to deliver high-performance software solutions and services that significantly reduce the cost and complexity of eDiscovery.

Ipro Case Study with Chamberlain Hrdlicka


With a thriving practice, the burden of growing discovery volumes was challenging to manage. Chamberlain Hrdlicka had adopted litigation document review, processing, and transcript management software years earlier; however, with exponential growth in client data volumes, the limitations of that software became glaringly evident. They experienced performance and workflow issues on many cases, resulting in a great deal of stress on human resources. As a result, they set out to optimize the firm’s litigation software technology.

Their goals when searching for a new e-discovery solution for the firm and their 125 attorneys were to:

  • Increase ingestion speed by utilizing a distributed computing
  • Improve reviewer efficiency and precision for their legal
  • Reduce stress on their eDiscovery team

Prior to the implementation of the Ipro eDiscovery Suite, they found themselves working nights and weekends waiting for documents to upload into review. Their eDiscovery group could only take on so much work due to the time it took to prepare for review and prepare productions.


The Ipro eDiscovery Suite provided their firm with powerful processing, review and production capabilities “unlike any we’ve had before,” which allows them to give clients the relevant data they need at quicker speeds. “We’re able to maximize the integrated platform to quickly ingest, cull and search data collections, taking advantage of the advanced analytics features for e-mail threading, deduping, automated clustering and converting relevant documents to TIFF while the review is still in progress.” Chamberlain Hrdlicka

Prior to using Ipro, the process to review a current caseload would require a much larger team of reviewers; now, they can accomplish the same task in less time with significant cost savings. They can conduct a high-level ECA (Early Case Assessment) once the documents are into the review platform to know if there are gaps and whether they have everything they need for the case. The Ipro eDiscovery Suite has allowed them to handle large, intricate cases on a routine basis while mitigating significant impact to their attorneys’ workload. Despite the relatively small team, Chamberlain Hrdlicka can now optimize efficiency and productivity through the use of state-of-the-art technology, setting themselves apart from other firms—both large and small.


“The addition of Ipro revolutionized how we work, what services we provide, and the number of resources required to get the work done. Upon implementation, Ipro led us to create a service provider model within our firm, allowing us to save time, resources and money and serve our clients in a more meaningful way.” Chamberlain Hrdlicka

The Ipro eDiscovery Suite ultimately improved the firm’s ability to produce higher quality, streamlined reviews and provided the flexibility to handle cases of any size. Using Ipro, they were able to increase their caseload by hosting over 330 cases and 40TB of data, while still working fewer hours and maintaining a small team. “The workflows are well thought out and the system is intuitive to use, which minimized the learning curve for our technical staff, support personnel and attorneys as they adopted the system.” Chamberlain Hrdlicka

They can offer their clients confidence in what the review process will cost. There won’t be any surprise expenses associated with using a third-party vendor or data hosting fees. They continue to leverage Ipro’s advanced technology to provide innovative, defensible and cost-effective eDiscovery and litigation support services. They can reduce client costs through increased productivity and reduced complexity, rather than by discounting rates.

To learn more about Ipro’s eDiscovery suite and how it can work for you, contact us or visit our website for more information.


About Chamberlain Hrdlicka

Chamberlain Hrdlicka is a diversified business law firm with offices in Atlanta, Houston, Philadelphia and San Antonio. The firm represents both public and private companies, as well as individuals and family-owned businesses across the nation. The firm offers counsel in tax planning and tax controversy, corporate, securities and finance, employment law and employee benefits, energy law, estate  planning and administration, intellectual property, international and immigration law, commercial and business litigation, real estate and construction law.


About Ipro Tech, LLC

Simplifying the Process from Discovery to Trial

Ipro is a global leader in eDiscovery technology used by legal professionals to streamline discovery of electronic data through presentation at trial. Ipro draws upon decades of innovation to deliver high-performance software solutions and services that significantly reduce the cost and complexity of eDiscovery.


A Day in the Life of an Ipro Trainer/Consultant

Ipro Trainers

Ipro’s Trainers and Consultants are a division of the Professional Services group. Our team is comprised of professionals from a variety of backgrounds in the legal industry. Together, we’ve worked in just about every space within the legal, Litigation Support, and eDiscovery business including law firms, corporate legal departments, service providers, independent business owners and trial consultants. Every member of the team brings their expertise and insight to assist you. You’ll find that we’re a talented group who share a common passion for problem-solving and a deep commitment to client satisfaction.

Day to day, we’re tackling any number of tasks that could include creating customized workflows for specific clients, troubleshooting, building templates, conducting deployment and training sessions, administering certification exams, advising our users of best practices for taking advantage of our software and working with our product development team to deliver feedback on new products and features.

Of course, collaborating with our clients is priority number one. However, we also work on a variety of projects that range from the design of training and deployment agendas to software testing for our product development team to development and documentation of workflow solutions. And we especially love to get our hands ‘dirty’ and assist clients with software implementations as well as data and server migrations. Our software is very powerful and can be utilized in many different ways. Our job is to ensure our clients understand the best workflows to help them win their cases!

We take great pride in the fact that we are often advocates for you, our clients. We know the challenges you face because we’ve been in your shoes and have the tools to research and provide customized solutions using Ipro products.

To learn more about our services and products, visit our website.

3 Tips to Hold the Audience’s Attention During Your Next Trial Presentation- Part 3

Ipro tips

In the previous installment, we reviewed the power of repetition to capture the jury’s attention. If you missed it, be sure to check it out. In this next and final post in the series, we’ll touch on a few more powerful techniques you can use in the courtroom to take your presentation to the next level and be the attorney the jury remembers.

Use Attention Getters
They’re called attention getters for a reason. You don’t want to bore your audience by talking for a long time, especially with a heavy topic, so try changing things up throughout your time in front of them.
When working with a jury, litigators cannot interact with their audience like presenters in normal presentations can, but the attention and focus strategies for other presentation types can still apply. Just tailor them for trial.
Use the following presentation mechanisms to put a little variety and spice into your presentations and examinations.
• Tell an engaging story
• Use a rhetorical question that makes them think more critically about the case
• State a shocking or interesting fact the audience may not be familiar with
• Use a quote from a prominent figure or even something from your case that illustrates your point and sets the mood
• Show an enthralling clip from a video testimony
• Use a prop or creative visual aid that you can hold or use to demonstrate what you’re talking about

Think about what you would want a presenter to do to keep you engaged during trial. What techniques would work best to not only maintain your attention but help you understand the many moving parts of a given case?

Fortunately, the days of file boxes of boring paper exhibits are gone (almost). It’s now possible to use technology combined with compelling storytelling techniques to present your argument to the jury in a way that connects in this modern world. Now, who doesn’t want that?

Learn more about TrialDirector 360 and how it can help you by visiting our website.

3 Tips to Hold the Jury’s Attention During Your Next Trial Presentation- Part 2

In the previous installment, we discussed the initial approach to capturing the jury’s attention. If you missed it, be sure to check it out.

In this next post, we’ll go over a few more important aspects for not only engaging the jury, but best practices to ensure they understand and remember the critical pieces of your argument so when it comes to deliberation, the outcome is in your client’s favor.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat
In any presentation, if you want your audience to remember what you’re talking about, one of the best tools in your arsenal is to say and show the thing you want them to remember several times.
There’s quite a bit of science to back up the power of repetition. Basically, every time you let your audience see, hear and, best of all, feel what you want, you strengthen the synapses firing in their brain around that thing.
You should know what you want your audience to focus on well before trial starts. In fact, you should decide what that thing is very near to the case outset and then build your strategy around it. Doing this not only helps with knowing what you want your jury to focus on, but it can also help with an organized and efficient trial prep process.

Don’t forget the tools that help you with repetition. With trial presentation software, you can quickly display items you want to keep fresh in the jury’s mind any time you want. No digging through folders and paper to try to find the right document or image. Imagine simply typing a number into your laptop and up pops an important document, image, or video you want the jury to see.

Then, remember you can leave the document or image up. Think about how valuable it is having an image on a large screen for a long period of time as you’re relaying the critical parts of your argument. As you speak, the jury can look and see exactly what you’re talking about. You can zoom in on the image, mark it to focus the jury’s eyes on where you want them to go, and even have the image show side by side with something else that you want to show. You can harness the power of video tools to make an impact on the jury. Impeaching a witness? Imagine the jury’s reaction when you question the witness about signing a document, who then answers ambiguously, but then you produce a video clip of their deposition where they contradict the answer they just provided. Pair that up with the Tear out feature of their signature on the document in question. The jury won’t forget what they saw or you.

Later, if you find the need or wish to drive your point even further, all you need to do is type in that number you assigned again, and the document or image appears just like it did the first time. We cannot overstate how powerful it is using video tools, document management and trial presentation software to supplement your presentations.

Found these tips helpful? Tune in next week for the final tip in this series.

If you’re ready to take your trial presentation to the next level, read more about TrialDirector 360 here.

3 Tips to Hold the Jury’s Attention During Your Next Trial Presentation- Part 1

With the internet at our fingertips, it seems like people, in general, can’t hold their attention as long as they used to. Most can’t go a few seconds without pulling out their phone to check the latest updates, pics, or videos. The short attention span reality doesn’t change when someone is selected for jury duty, so it’s the attorney’s job to be as engaging as those phone notifications waiting for them when court is over. As courtroom jurors called on to decide fate, where they’re expected to sit in a jury box and listen to hours of presentation and testimony, holding their attention to key facts, is critical. And let’s be real, it’s rare any of them to want to be there, let alone take the initiative to focus on the task at hand for an extended period.

Of course, any given case is important to the people involved with it directly, but to the people coming in on the jury, it’s not really part of their world. Jurors have their own worries and life issues that don’t stop just because they were selected to be part of a case. So how do you get and keep a jury hanging on your words? General presentation tips are out there, but we want to talk about things that work particularly well when in the courtroom, especially when using trial presentation software.

Put Yourself in the Jury’s Shoes
Yes, the jury has a civic duty to listen to the facts of the case and issue a decision on the outcome, but that doesn’t mean you automatically have their undivided attention. So, what can you do to deliver the information you need the jury to hear, understand, and absorb to persuade them to agree with your argument?

Trial is all about persuasion, but it’s also a balancing act of maintaining legalities, stating the facts, not irritating the judge, and ultimately crafting a passionate compelling presentation that intricately and definitively proves your argument.

One tactic to crafting this compelling presentation is understanding where your jury is coming from in terms of the case. Representing a pharmaceutical case where the testimonies and information shared will be heavily science based may lead you to be a teacher to your jury. How do you help them understand the importance of the details and jargon without zoning out? How do you keep them engaged, informed, and interested? How do you ensure they understand without being condescending?

If you are covering a criminal case involving an accident, perhaps using a technique to engage the jury’s emotional core is the way to go. Help them relate to how the situation would impact their lives if it happened to them or a loved one. This works regardless of whether you’re prosecuting or defending.

Likeability is important. Remember jurors will start forming an opinion on you from their first interaction, so wooing them begins in the jury selection process. From the beginning, jurors will gravitate to who the better storyteller is. They will engage with who speaks their language best. They will believe who best presents the facts of the case in a way they understand. Wow them with visuals, videos, and dynamic presentations. Entertain while educating. An entertained audience is an engaged once.

Found these tips helpful? Tune in next week for the second tip in this series.
If you’re ready to take your trial presentation to the next level, read more about TrialDirector 360 here.

How to Get the Most Out of Product Training

Ipro Training

You or your company just purchased a new software product, and it’s now your task to learn how to use it. To tackle the training, first decide which one of these learning styles are you?

The button pusher: I don’t have time for training, so I just jump in, push buttons and see what happens, clicking around until hopefully, I get the desired result.

Instructions exist for a reason: Everything I need to know is in this fifty-page manual, so I’ll spend the next several days (or weeks!) reading every page and hope by the end it all makes sense.

Sign me up! I want the visuals and ability to ask my questions from an expert, so an in-person or web-delivered training class is my speed.

Hope for the best: Ignore the new software and hope no one asks me how to use it.

Now, depending on what you’re doing, any of those (except the last one, let’s be honest) could be an effective method, but when it comes to discovery and trial software, is it really a time saver to guess your way through a new product? Or spends hours plowing through manuals with no applicable knowledge? Are you maximizing the technology’s full capabilities? Is it more frustrating than helpful?

Of course, not all software providers offer training, but here at Ipro, we want our customers to be efficient, confident, and satisfied, to get the most out of their product investment.

If you want to be the Sign me up! person (and you should), here are a few tips to getting the most out of your product training session.

Come prepared to learn. Sounds obvious, but very often it can be challenging to tune out the work waiting for us and clear the mental space to absorb new information. Time to turn off those email notifications for a few hours.

Share your knowledge and business usage. Being able to discuss how you use or will use the software in your business can help the trainer ensure you get the information you need. As an added bonus, you may be helping someone else in the room think about their own application of the product. Win-win.

Consider how you learn best. At Ipro, we offer several methods to get the training you need from our online Ipro Community to webinars to in-person training both at our location or yours. Take a moment to assess the best way for you to get the training. Maybe it’s coming to an Ipro location to remove office distractions. Or maybe it’s better to schedule training at your location to include more key players. Maybe you learn well using online tools and a webinar would suit your needs. Setting yourself up on the right platform is one sure way to succeed.

Take notes. In addition to the material a trainer may provide, be sure you are taking specific notes on how the product or solution works in your environment. Keep track during the training to be sure to ask how a section may be applicable to your work. Never be afraid to ask questions. That’s what training is all about.

Following these simple but important tips can help ensure you get the most out of your time investment when attending product training.

To find the right Ipro product training for you, including the all-new TrialDirector 360, click here.

Dean Brown Named CEO of Ipro Tech

TEMPE, AZ., July 18, 2018 – ParkerGale Capital announced today that it has appointed Dean Brown as Chief Executive Officer of Ipro Tech, a legal software company focused on providing customers with industry-leading software and services solutions ranging from discovery to trial. ParkerGale, a technology-focused private equity firm based in Chicago, IL, acquired Ipro Tech in 2017.

Mr. Brown is an accomplished leader with a 25-year track record of working with high-growth software and service companies. He brings a collaborative leadership style, emphasizing both operational experience and a passion for customer-care. Most recently, Mr. Brown served as the Chief Product and Technology Officer for Open Education, a leading international education technology company. Prior to Open Education, Mr. Brown co-founded and led a technology startup, NextU, leading it to a successful acquisition by Open Education. Previously, Mr. Brown held senior leadership roles with Pearson and Thomson, focusing on technology and growth.

“We conducted an exhaustive search to ensure we could find someone to take the helm as well as grow the company to the next stage,” said Ryan Milligan, Partner at ParkerGale Capital. “We are confident Dean is a great fit and are excited about his executing our shared vision for Ipro.”

Mr. Brown is motivated by a few key things, including building and developing strong teams, delivering world-class software solutions to customers and thoughtful execution.

“I’m incredibly excited to join the Ipro team,” said Mr. Brown. “Ipro has an almost 30-year reputation for outstanding focus on the customer and for providing high-quality discovery and trial software that drives a tremendous ROI for customers. The company has been investing heavily in the next generation of products, and I’m thrilled to join at a time when Ipro can bring such value to our customers.”

Founded in 1989, Ipro is a global leader in the development of advanced eDiscovery and legal analytics software solutions. With the addition of the industry leader in trial presentation, TrialDirector 360, Ipro provides solutions from discovery to trial.

TrialDirector 360 is here!

Trial Director 360

Tempe, Ariz., June 25, 2018 — Ipro Tech, LLC, a worldwide leader in eDiscovery solutions, announced today the release of the all-new TrialDirector 360, the most widely-used trial presentation application available. TrialDirector 360 streamlines the trial presentation process with powerful tools to professionally present case evidence in court.

“We’ve made an already proven and robust product even better while keeping the features our clients love about TrialDirector” said Derek Miller, VP of Product Management.

In addition to the powerful and well-known presentation features, the new TrialDirector 360 includes:

• New database structure to increase reliability and performance

• Updated user interface with customized layouts to fit your workflow

• Ability to share your case and collaborate with others during your trial preparation

• Transcript Management tool with advanced video editing options, including redactions

• Bulk update exhibits in minutes with dynamic labels and resequencing options

• Easily compare designations by party with options to edit video clips on-the-fly

TrialDirector 360 is loaded with new features that simplify the entire trial prep workflow for legal teams. Visit our TrialDirector 360 page to learn more or email

Attending ILTACON 18? Click here to schedule a private demo of TrialDirector 360 or any Ipro product.

About Ipro Tech, LLC

Founded in 1989, Ipro is a global leader in the development of advanced eDiscovery software solutions. With the addition of the industry leader in trial presentation, TrialDirector 360, Ipro provides solutions from discovery to trial.

Ipro Innovations 2018 Recap

Tempe, Ariz. May 31, 2018 — Ipro Tech, LLC, a worldwide leader in eDiscovery and trial solutions, held its annual Ipro Innovations conference from April 30 – May 2 for eDiscovery professionals. The 2.5-day event, held at the Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona, brought together over 400 litigation experts and attorneys from the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe.

This year’s conference kicked off with a message from ParkerGale Partner, Ryan Milligan, who discussed the increasing excitement within Ipro and ParkerGale’s continued dedication to the company’s future. From there, Ipro welcomed numerous guest and Keynote speakers such as authors Terry Cain and Steve Church presenting on the importance of a strong corporate culture as well as Brandon “Manson” Williams and Jen “Steele” Wade from Afterburner who delivered a dynamic talk on Flawless Execution. Both groups provided insightful and useful information attendees can put to use in their own companies.

As always, Ipro offered nearly 70 breakout sessions ranging from hands-on labs where attendees had the opportunity to become familiar with new software, to trending industry topics, and even CLE eligible sessions conducted by The Sedona Conference. Ipro also debuted new products including, ADD Review, CaseDirector 360 and Case Story while offering high-impact sessions designed for attendees to learn more and experience the innovative products firsthand. In addition to the breakout sessions, free training and certifications were offered both before and after the conference.

The company switched up the nightly networking events a bit this year. Although the always popular Top Golf event remained, Ipro hosted a Beach Party the second night that included a live DJ and a delicious taco bar. Ipro continued the Knowledge Bowl tradition and sprinkled fun throughout the conference with “Minute to Win It” challenges where attendees could win a variety of prizes. Word has it there was fierce competition at the Jenga station.

Ipro Innovations is full of education, networking and fun. To stay abreast of details related to Innovations 2019, scheduled for April 30 – May 1, go to

About Ipro Tech, LLC Founded in 1989, Ipro is a global leader in the development of advanced eDiscovery software solutions. Ipro’s ADD Automated Digital Discovery® workflow platform helps customers organize, review, process and produce litigation data of vast sizes and complexity — more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before. With the addition of their latest innovation, Case Director 360, Ipro provides solutions from discovery to trial. To learn more visit To schedule a private demonstration, email or go online to find a Partner today.