95% cull rate

which reduces risk and outside legal spending while maintaining defensibility


file types processed with metadata gives powerful insight into enterprise data

77% reduction

in review costs when using Advanced Analytics and AI

Instant insight into your data

Uncover & Understand

Leverage advanced analytics, combining concepts, timelines, email threading, and similarity matching to gain deep insight into related data and communication patterns. Allows you to quickly determine dataset strengths and weaknesses.

Empower your Team

Empower internal and external legal teams to effortlessly collaborate, while reducing costs up to 85% by culling irrelevant documents before sending them to outside counsel for review — without sacrificing data security and defensibility.

Flexible Deployment

Flexibly manage data environments and hosting costs by deploying on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid, while seamlessly integrating with your existing internal systems. Regardless of the deployment option, your data is secure, supported, and easily managed regardless of size or file type.

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3 Ways Corporate Legal Teams Can Control Outside Legal Spend
(And How Technology Can Help)

According to a recent study by Complex Discovery, 88% of eDiscovery costs happen during the processing and review stages. Traditionally, these tasks are carried out by Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSP) and outside law firms, giving in-house corporate teams little control over these costs.

However, forward-thinking legal teams are leveraging technology to reduce these outside costs, while gaining control over their data and workflow.

Download this infographic to learn how you can leverage technology to tackle these challenges

Top 3 Challenges for Corporate Legal Teams

Ipro's approach to eDiscovery

Ipro’s best-in-class eDiscovery solutions have been the choice of thousands of law firms and ALSPs for more than a decade, and now we’re using that same power and scalability to help corporations quickly respond to internal investigations and complex litigation.

And because 88% of eDiscovery costs happen during the processing and review stages, Ipro solutions help corporate teams consistently reduce datasets before sending to outside counsel, cutting the legal department’s costs in turn.

All of this combined with flexible deployment options, transparent reporting, and straightforward pricing models, empower your legal department to build a measurable and repeatable workflow, leading to greater efficiency and effectiveness in line with overall business objectives.

“In a single year we reduced the amount of data sent to outside counsel for review by 30%, significantly lowering eDiscovery costs without sacrificing defensibility.”

– Fortune 100 Corporation, Transportation Industry, Midwest USA

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