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Address all of your enterprise data-related issues with one comprehensive system, spanning information governance, compliance, legal hold, preservation, early data assessment (EDA), collection, early case assessment (ECA), processing, review, and production.

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3 Top Challenges for Corporate Legal Teams

According to a recent study by Complex Discovery, 88% of eDiscovery costs happen during the processing and review stages. Traditionally, these tasks are carried out by Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSP) and outside law firms, giving in-house corporate teams little control over these costs.


However, forward-thinking legal teams are leveraging technology to reduce these outside costs, while gaining control over their data and workflow.

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Information Governance and eDiscovery

Automatically find, secure, and redact sensitive information, across thousands of documents at once. Connect and index virtually any file system, Office 365, or threaded communication platform to give insight into your data, wherever it sits, giving you the ability to understand data related to an investigation, complaint, or potential litigation in minutes versus days.

Get a strategic advantage using AI and advanced analytics with earlier insights for strategy, faster review and rapid time to production with unlimited scalability. Our state-of-the-art search, including entity recognition, concept clustering, email threading, and PII identification, makes this possible.

Enable legal teams to make faster, more accurate decisions on individual matters, vendor and outside counsel spend, and other key performance indicators, while keeping your data and IP close and secure within enterprise systems.

Choose from the full range of service and hosting options, including cloud, on-premise, hybrid, air-gapped solutions or managed services.

Use on a self-service basis or get the support you need from Ipro Professional Services, including, data processing, hosting, production, analytics and machine learning expertise, review workflow and more. Or seamlessly extend your capabilities to outside counsel. You have the control.

Ipro’s Corporate eDiscovery Software

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Ipro for Enterprise™

With Ipro for Enterprise, your team can quickly ingest, assess, report, and stream millions of documents directly into Review. Designed for large complex document processing and review projects, our highly scalable solution offers virtually limitless processing speed and power to meet the tightest deadlines.​

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