“Litigation moves fast, and with Ipro for Desktop, our paralegals streamline the intake process and speed through processing jobs whether the dataset is a single page or a thousand emails, allowing our attorneys to review as soon as possible.”

Whitney Farrell, Paul, Plevin, Sullivan & Connaughton LLP

The Litigation Lifecycle

  • Case Management : Efficiently manage your case data
  • Administration: Control access & configure settings
  • Processing: Quickly ingest native files, images or scan documents
  • Review: Efficient document review with coding form rules
  • Fact Management: Tell a compelling story through chronologically ordered evidence
  • Trial Presentation: Organize transcripts, video depositions, and documents for offline presentation

How people are using our Ipro software

Bob Meyers, 20-year eDiscovery industry veteran and consultant:
“They received over 700,000 documents, and needed to find a cost-effective tool quickly to help them load, process, and review all of those documents. Ipro for desktop became their number one solution.”

Julie Laboe, expert consultant and trainer in e-discovery and litigation database programs and trial presentation software:

“I’m seeing the scenario [of small firms facing large data sets] more than ever before, and Ipro for desktop simply levels the playing field for small firms against the bigger players in any type of case.”

Connie Martin of Martin Litigation Support Services, LLC shares her use of our software when providing consultative, training, trial consulting and litigation support services:

“This tool is a perfect fit for many firms who want a “behind the firewall” solution that is easy to use, cost effective to deploy and gives them a competitive edge over other small to mid-size firms who use higher cost hosted solutions.”

Why choose Ipro for desktop

Many people think the eDiscovery answer for small law firms lies in the cloud, but there is another option. Along with the latest support and development, Ipro for desktop lets you easily migrate from the most popular legacy flat-file review databases and has been purpose-built with the most cutting-edge features found in any in-house review platform. Effortlessly manage reviews, unitize documents, ingest native files, and produce documents with this true all-in-one litigation platform.