Ipro eCapture

Productivity Highlights

up to 95%

Performance gains in report generation

up to 70%

Efficiencies in CPU Usage

up to 40%

Increases in overall processing speed


Extraction of meta-data fields


Processing of new and complex file types


Production quality; incl. MS Office file types

What Our Users are Saying

“Using Ipro, doeLegal reduced an initial 2 TB collection of over 11 million documents to a final production of under 150k documents – a 96% cull rate.”

“Streaming de-duplication overlay report speeds have improved dramatically. Report time was cut in half.”

“I was able to process 25,000 records, import the results, batch out the case to 15 attorneys, and get the job done in three days. We never could have done that in our old system.”

Ipro’s continued updates and investment in their software offerings, including eCapture, gets you all these performance features…

  • Automated workers minimizes labor and maximizes productivity
  • Proven multilingual conversion and normalization technology
  • Powerful searching, de-duping, filtering and parent-child document handling
  • Flex processer lets you define custom processing rules as needed
  • Self-healing workers and “Set it and Forget it” functionality
  • Truly distributed architecture means you can increase your processing power at any time
  • Manage terabytes of data processing from one central console
  • By utilizing Windows Remote Desktop, one user can control multiple processing environments in one or more data centers from anywhere
  • Hundreds of export options to fit any project
  • Multi-language OCR lets you recognize text from files with languages other than English
  • Fully supports forensic files, letting you extract, index and organize related data


Ipro has added new major performance and productivity gains to eCapture including:

  • Storage of directory, file count, and size information on ingestion to SQL
  • Auto-Publish documents with errors
  • Hashing compatibility with legacy cases
  • Password handling and flagging
  • Extraction of PDF comments
  • Additional Metadata extraction from photographs
  • Additional export options
  • Superior image and production quality with MS Office file types

Ipro’s Pre-Litigation Data Inventory Checklist

An important first step to a smoother processing stage is knowing your organization’s data landscape. Don’t wait until litigation is imminent! Download our eDiscovery Data Inventory Checklist to get started.

Ipro Pre-Litigation Data Checklist


Ipro has also driven down installation and upgrade times, making it possible to move to the latest version with minimal interruptions to business and down-time. To request an installation of the latest version of eCapture or Ipro for enterprise, please contact Ipro Support. 
eCapture, inside of Ipro for enterprise has a robust roadmap going forward, including current work with our partners to continue developing a suite of secure public API’s–allowing partners full access to customize their workflows and take full advantage of the power of eCapture.

eCapture is fully functional as a standalone application, and also works as the processing engine for Ipro’s enterprise solution.