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Welcome to Ipro, your eDiscovery litigation life cycle solution

Big Data is real, and it continues to grow exponentially, particularly in the corporate world. In fact, according to a 2018 White Paper by the International Data Center, “Beginning in 2019, more data will be stored in the enterprise core than in all the world’s existing endpoints.” Along with this growth in data, the enterprise’s role as a data steward grows as well.

For corporations, compliance, investigations, and litigation are simply a part of business-as-usual. But being able to get to the facts at hand can be complicated with an ever-changing data landscape, not only due to increasing data size but from the infinite number of file types and file variations involved.

Ipro’s Pre-Litigation Data Inventory Checklist

An important first step to a smoother processing stage is knowing your organization’s data landscape. Don’t wait until litigation is imminent! Download our eDiscovery Data Inventory Checklist to get started.

Ipro Pre-Litigation Data Checklist

Ipro for enterprise gets you to a speedy resolution

What This Means for You

With Ipro’s hybrid approach combining software, services, and support in a flexibly deployed and infinitely scalable solution, corporate investigative and legal teams can quickly and accurately cull and search large, complex datasets to quickly get to the most relevant documents.

By partnering with Ipro, corporations can more effectively manage their enterprise data by utilizing powerful data processing and review software, along with advanced analytics and AI, all developed by a 30-year legal technology veteran who hosts some of the biggest corporations and law firms in its cloud.

“We significantly reduced the number of documents sent to the costly and time-intensive stage of attorney review, allowing us to maintan full control while meeting a strict deadline and saving thousands in costs.”

­— Ipro Customer, New York City

Who better to support your cloud environment than the people who built the software?

  • Scalability allows you to customize Ipro to meet your licensing demands
  • Easy-to-Use intuitive interface
  • Eyes on documents in minutes to eliminate inefficient workflows
  • Automated quality controls to minimize human errors
  • Gold-standard in Imaging, OCR & Production using automated Ipro worker engines
  • Self-service data uploads