Electronic discovery, commonly known as eDiscovery, is a vital part of an attorney’s ethical responsibility to provide competent legal services to consumers. Time is money in today’s fast-paced and competitive legal industry, and Ipro offers a fresh perspective to eDiscovery software with simple, flexible, and cost-effective technology solutions for legal organizations of all sizes.

Your eDiscovery Pain Points, Solved

Electronic discovery can be a complex practice that presents many challenges to legal and IT departments. However, when you partner with Ipro, five of your most perplexing eDiscovery problems are quickly solved:

Let Ipro simplify your Discovery to Trial process by making us your one-stop eDiscovery solution during the various stages of the litigation lifecycle.

The Ipro Approach

Ipro offers proven eDiscovery and trial software, services, and support solutions. We bring together some of the best talent in the legal industry – employees with extensive service experience, vast understanding of eDiscovery best practices, and an appreciation of the importance of efficient workflows. Ipro offers an end-to-end approach to the eDiscovery process that provides the benefits of working with high-performance software, services and support, bundled and deployed your way.

Legal consumers recognize Ipro as a global leader in eDiscovery technology. To find out more about how our proven software, services, and support will deliver results for your organization, request a demo today.

Our Latest Case Study

“The Ipro eDiscovery Suite ultimately improved the firm’s ability to produce higher quality, streamlined reviews and provided the flexibility to handle cases of any size. Using Ipro, they were able to increase their caseload by hosting over 330 cases and 40TB of data, while still working fewer hours and maintaining a small team. “The workflows are well thought out and the system is intuitive to use, which minimized the learning curve for our technical staff, support personnel and attorneys as they adopted the system.

– Chamberlain Hrdlicka