One Process, One Platform

The Ipro Enterprise digital discovery platform is an integrated software solution designed to streamline the discovery process. By combining early case assessment and culling tasks with analytical review and high-speed processing and production, Ipro Enterprise allows legal departments to manage electronic evidence collections of vast sizes and complexity levels more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before.

Full Early Case Assessment

Allegro assists firms in gaining quick access to the facts for initial consideration and analysis before reaching the costly stages of litigation processing and review. This insightful interactive culling application helps firms cut through the noise and see the full picture, even when faced with mountains of data. By pinpointing relevant information at the earliest stages of litigation, firms are able to reduce expenses by up to 90%.

Feature-Rich, Web-Based Review

Eclipse combines standard linear workflow with proven advanced analytic technology to help achieve the most efficient review while gaining the best understanding of your case evidence. Using the advanced analytics functionality found in the Eclipse review application to prioritize and predict responsive documents, law firms are able to complete better reviews quickly and defensibly.

Enhanced Digital Discovery Processing

eCapture is the industry gold standard for electronic file processing because it is real-world tested and trial proven. Used daily by law firms, litigation service providers, corporations, and government agencies around the world on the most daunting litigation document collections, eCapture provides users with ultimate peace of mind all of the electronically stored files will be processed utilizing defensible strategies and advanced technologies.

Key Features

  • Fully integrated platform reduces need for multiple copies of file, saving thousands in storage costs
  • By eliminating the need to import and export across disparate platforms, the risk of data spoliation is significantly reduced
  • One similar interface across all three platforms reduces learning curve and ramp-up time
  • Cradle to grave metrics allows for advanced reporting
  • Robust security at the user level for ultimate control
  • Attorney work product retention enables frequent litigators to reduce rework
  • Production Shield helps to prevent the production of privileged documents