20 Jun

Demo: Review

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018
11:00a.m. – 11:45p.m. (Arizona)* Daylight Savings not observed.


From discovery to trial, the Case Director 360 desktop suite has a dynamic dashboard that launches users directly into our Processing and Review applications. Processing is a key step in the eDiscovery phase of litigation and Case Director 360 provides multiple pathways to process and make data available for review from scanning to print. Maximize your efficiency and results with our powerful Review tool where you can effortlessly manage review, unitize documents, ingest native files and produce documents with this true all-in-one litigation platform. Finally, leverage real-time analytics to monitor the status of your review. This demo will provide a 30-minute overview of some of the most cutting-edge features found in an in-house review platform. A 15-minute Q&A session will follow:

  • Administration
  • Case Management
  • Extensive User/Group Security Customization
  • Ingesting natives, images and coding data
  • Organizing and Working with Case Folders
  • Persistent Highlighting
  • Review Passes and Batch Management
  • Running Robust Productions
  • Reports and Detailed Audit History
  • Utilities

Please Note: All demos are strictly an overview of the product and should not be considered a replacement to product training.