CaSE Director 360 – Administrator Processing and Review Training

Formal training ensures that all of the available features in Eclipse SE are fully leveraged and that individuals are able to effectively work in the application.


This course is designed for users with intermediate to advanced skill level with Review applications and are looking to refine and expand their knowledge of the Eclipse SE Application. We highly recommend that you meet the following requirements if you wish to participate in this course:

  • Prior experience with litigation review software
  • Be well-versed in eDiscovery and Review terminology and workflow
  • Basic understanding of Windows OS and hardware footprint



Here is what you will learn

This is a two-day administrator training designed for individuals who are responsible for the overall administration and workflow Design in Eclipse SE. The course provides comprehensive training on the administrative and end-user functionalities available in Eclipse SE and the Case Director 360 platform.

Covered Topics

Introduction to CaSE Director 360 Batching
Introduction to Eclipse SE Desktop Component
Case Setup and Management Productions
Security Reports and Utilities
Importing and Exporting Overview of TrialDirector 360


Please consider participating in the 1-day, CaSE Director 360 Utilities course that follows.


Certification courses are available for end users, trainers, and advanced administrators who seek to become certified in Eclipse SE. These certifications are separate from the training courses. After undergoing the training and then using the products in the field for a minimum of six (6) months, clients are then eligible to take the Eclipse SE Certification. Please visit our website or contact your Ipro Training Coordinator at for more information.