The Ipro Services Team is here to assist with all your ESI processing needs. Using our own industry-leading, best in class, processing Ipro software, our Case Managers can quickly process thousands of filetypes and stream it automatically into review. With this completely scalable solution, no project is too large.

  • Let Ipro partner with you on your next matter
  • You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want

Case Management / Client Portal

  • We always have an initial kick-off call with you where we can help determine what type of resources you need, which customizations will need to be made to fit your processing requirements, and suggest review workflows to ensure the best experience for you, your team and ultimately, your client
  • Once a workflow has been established, our Services Client Portal will allow you to submit requests directly to our Services team at any time
  • You’ll be able to easily track the progress of your requests and send comments to your Case Manager through our Services Client Portal


  • You can  choose  to use our comprehensive processing template or let us assist you with customizing the project to your specifications
  • Hundreds of electronic file types are supported, including forensic image files
  • Deduplication,  Date Range, File Type and File Extension Filters
  • Foreign Language Identification and Multi-Language OCR
  • With auto-loads to Review, our Ipro streaming workflow starts importing data into your case in as little as 30 minutes
  • Ipro Self-Service allows you to upload data and instantly have it processed and streamed directly into your Review case


  • Reviewing data in another platform? We can export your processed data into many formats
  • Field templates, load files, bates numbering and image file types can all be customized
  • Processed data can be automatically loaded to your Ipro Review case or zipped and made available for download via FTP

Our Ipro Solution: The most streamlined and
flexible workflow in eDiscovery