Every project is different.  

Our Case Managers are here to assist you with building a review workflow that is comprehensive and cost-effective.  With so many features in Ipro including Visual Search, Technology Assisted Review and Productions, you can tap into our knowledge to assist as much as needed.

  • Let Ipro partner with you on your next matter
  • You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want


  • Our Case Managers can fill the gaps you have on your team.  We can assist you in customizing your case by designing review workflows, tag palettes, and coding forms to streamline document review. We can help with complex searches, setting up Keyword Lists and Review Passes as well as using Ipro Analytics for Technology Assisted Review (TAR).
  • Training on our review features and workflows is always available
  • Use our Services Client Portal to submit New User Requests, get assistance with Production Requests, or other tasks you don’t have the time or expertise to do

Ipro Analytics for ECA

  • Using our Timeline, Visual Search, Concept Clustering and Keyword Management features, we can help you cull down and prioritize your data for a more focused review
  • Leverage our Case Managers to analyze your review workflows and keyword search syntax and assist with prioritizing Concept Clusters and building Categories.

Technology Assisted Review 

  • Ipro Analytics is included in all cases we host.  That means Email Threading, Near Duplicate Detection, Concept Clusters, Categorization and TAR are included
  • The use of Near Duplicate Detection and Email Threading can group up similar documents in the same review batches to significantly speed up review time
  • In some cases, a linear review is just not feasible due to time and cost constraints.  Utilizing Ipro Analytics and our TAR workflow, we can help you identify responsive and non-responsive documents to either prioritize your review or reduce the number of records for linear review
  • Our Case Managers can train you on these features and go over best practices to ensure an effective and efficient document review


  • Productions can be complicated and if not planned out ahead of time, can cause a ton of undue stress.  Our Case Managers can help you stay ahead of production deadlines
  • By partnering with you on a case, we can build production templates ahead of time, image relevant documents proactively as they become available and do a thorough QC of the production to ensure it is done right and on time

Our Ipro Solution: The most streamlined and
flexible workflow in eDiscovery