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Ipro for enterprise vs. the eDiscovery competition.

Flexible | Scalable | Powerful


Click access to review sets let’s reviewers focus on learning about the case, not the tool

up to 95%

Reduced review burden over traditional document review

15x Faster

Processing speed than traditional batch-processing

The new Ipro for enterprise is here!

Data continues to grow in size and complexity, and its use in investigations and litigation is now a daily occurrence. Innovative approaches to eDiscovery are necessary. 

As a global leader in eDiscovery technology, Ipro is the future and growing fast. 

This intuitive hybrid eDiscovery solution helps law firms locate and understand key case evidence, efficiently run a well-organized legal team, and craft a winning case strategy.

When you take on a class action matter with 15 facilities, 150 individual plaintiffs, and you need to quickly scale

– Ipro nails it

Upload Evidence

Your team can upload evidence using Self-Service to quickly ingest, assess, report, and stream millions of documents directly into document review, fast. Self-Service places powerful processing capabilities at the point of need and provides visibility into processing job status and completion.

Uncover & Understand

Use advanced analytics to uncover critical evidence faster and in ways that you couldn’t with traditional linear search. Combine concept, timeline, and technology assisted review (TAR) to provide deeper insight by uncovering related evidence and communication patterns. Efficiently cull irrelevant documents before sending to review.

Efficient Document Review

The document reviewer puts the document at the center of attention allowing you to focus on the work at hand. Our modern, intuitive interface makes it easy to view and tag relevant case documents and provides single-click access to document batches, ensuring your team will avoid reviewer document collision.

Ipro’s eDiscovery Adventure Guide

Find out how 5 legal teams overcame their challenges, utilizing Ipro’s Hybrid approach to eDiscovery.

There are a lot of stakeholders and processes involved in eDiscovery, which makes it an extremely complex adventure. For many years, people said that with the right software, you could handle everything. But software alone isn’t enough. That’s why you need a technology partner to help navigate the unpredictable waters of eDiscovery.

When software isn’t enough: Data continues to grow in size and complexity, and the need for that data in investigations and litigation is now a daily occurrence. For an agile response, innovative approaches to eDiscovery are necessary, and rather than trying to go at it alone, forward-thinking legal teams will look toward a hybrid approach.

Ipro eDiscovery Adventure Guide

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