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Best-in-Class Processing

Ipro’s ability to process over 500 file types into review-ready formats, along with multiple options for data ingestion, gives you the power to meet litigation deadlines quickly and accurately, while eliminating outside expenses.

Predictable Pricing

Predictable pricing isn’t anything new, we’ve always done it that way. Competitive, simple to understand, and transparent. Ipro’s pricing models give you the ability to move from being a cost center, to enabling business growth.

Advanced ECA/Analytics

Ipro’s AI, Advanced Analytics, and Data Visualization tools give you early insight into the nearly limitless range of enterprise data by highlighting relevant facts and communication patterns impossible to find through traditional search.

Flexible Deployment

Ipro can meet the needs of your organization with customizable deployments. Whether it is the Ipro Cloud, On-Prem, Desktop, or Hybrid options, you maintain control over your data, without being locked into a single approach.

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