Data Analyst

Day In the Life

As our Data Analyst you will be hands-on for all things related to data at Ipro. You will leverage your deep knowledge of business information systems, across multiple departments, to find problems and opportunities within the company’s data. You will own finding solutions that help achieve business goals. As a member of our finance team, you will report to the Manager of FP&A and provide reports and analysis to the CEO and CFO.

Objective #1:
Within your first 3 months, you will create a detailed business analysis, outlining problems, opportunities and solutions regarding Ipro’s data warehouse.

• Develop knowledge of the company’s data structure to allow for easy extraction and manipulation of data to answer various business questions.
• Identify and clean customer and sales data.
• Identify and recommend methods to improve data accuracy.
• Utilize systems to consolidate and analyze large amount of data.
• Define and build flexible reporting and analysis tools.

Objective #2:
Within your first 6 months, you will evaluate business processes, anticipating requirements, uncovering areas for improvement, and developing and implementing solutions.

• Engage with business leaders and users to identify and communicate complex concepts and the results of the analyses in a clear and effective manner through creative visualization.
• Help end users understand how data driven changes to process, products, services, software can improve efficiencies and add value.
• Identify and prioritize the most impactful areas for data analysis and business intelligence across finance, sales, and other parts of the business. Where can you make the most impact.
• Work with all type of analytics: descriptive (what happened?), diagnostic (why did something happen?), predictive (what is likely to happen?), perspective (what action should be taken?)
• Standardize tools and methods for ETL, analysis, and reporting/visualization
• Collaborate with Sales Ops and Corp Systems to align and identify areas for process/system improvements.

Technical chops – We need to know that we can lean on you to assist in a dynamic
Software organization. Running our business properly requires an ability to accurately analyze and predict revenues and expenses and quickly course-correct when things go off course or take advantage of opportunities. You will bring or be able to learn a wide range of skills ranging from SQL to off-the-shelf reporting tools to programming languages.
Thorough knowledge and experience with BI Platforms, such as Power BI, Tableau, Sisense. Experience with Salesforce and Oracle Netsuite is a plus. You have a strong understanding of the fundamentals of SaaS business operations and metrics.

Influencing and relationship-building – We want someone with the ability to quickly establish credibility with and gain the trust and respect of everyone in the organization: from the senior leadership team to frontline employees, and everyone in between. A good analyst understands the nuances and complexities of executing on an agenda which impacts multiple areas of a company in a growth organization. You must be able to balance asking the right questions with providing direction to ensure that the work gets done, and not just by you.

Balanced (short and long-term) - You are as hands-on as you are visionary and recognize that nothing gets done without execution. You consistently demonstrate a solid understanding of the trade-offs between tactics and goals with an emphasis on long-term value creation.

Emotional agility – You will need to demonstrate that you can make a difference quickly while embracing Ipro’s culture. You will also need to establish credibility across the organization – spanning all functions and levels - by demonstrating strategic acumen and a willingness to work with others to achieve a goal without taking all the credit. You are also comfortable formulating a plan quickly and committing to it, but flexible enough to scrap it and choose a different course of action when needed.

Thrives in ambiguity - At times, this role will be responsible for taking nebulous ideas and translating them into specific, concrete actions. Your work will not always be paint-by-number. You will be comfortable taking nebulous direction, translating it into a plan, and enlisting those you need to get the job done. As such, you will have examples of times when you took a poorly- formed idea, sharpened it, and owned its execution from start-to-finish.

Accountable – You do what you say you will and aren’t afraid to own your mistakes. You take the lead but are willing to ask for help.

Growth Mindset – You enjoy the process of getting better at what you do, and you seek out the feedback that improves your ability to learn from your experiences. You actively look for challenges and recommend options verses being told what to do.

Kind, Humble, and Fun: You share the credit but aren’t afraid to take the blame. You should take your work seriously, but not themselves (too much). You should take you work seriously, but not themselves (too much). You should be ambitious but grounded and eager to learn what
it takes to run a successful technology company. You are a person we can enjoy collaborating with, spending time with, and investing in. You may be this person if you already invest heavily in those you work with, and if you consistently receive the feedback that you are a great colleague and teammate. A great sign is if people go out of their way to work with you, no matter the situation.

Resilient – You are flexible in the face of ambiguity, can embrace change when needed, and can tell us about when you have demonstrated grit throughout your career. We are candid, open and honest with each other at Ipro. That should be enticing to you.

Dig Deep– You will be accountable for delivering on your own commitments to our customers, colleagues, and team. Own your part and work together to deliver.

Keep it real: – Display integrity and transparency. Graciously accept feedback and deliver it respectfully and always assume the best intentions.

Enjoy the ride: Wherever you are, be all there. You should have fun working at Ipro.

We win with people. Here’s how we support ours:
• Comprehensive benefits including: Health, Dental, Short/Long Term Disability and up to $50,000 in life insurance
• 15 PTO days and 10 paid holidays (including MLK, Jr Day, Veteran’s Day, Juneteenth)
• 8 hours of volunteer time
• 401(k) plan with match
• We offer flexible start and end times
• We have a start-up company mentality with 30 years of industry experience
• Work/Life balance is valued and upheld
• Tempe, AZ headquarters has a progressive environment with private food market, onsite gym, lounge & game room, and casual office culture
• Named as a CareerBuilder® Top Company to Work for in Arizona
• Named AZ’s Most Admired company by Best Companies AZ


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Why Work at Ipro

Technology and the law touch every aspect of our lives in some way, which is why the work we do at Ipro is so important. Our team members know that we are on the forefront of the eDiscovery industry, ensuring that data involved in investigations, legal matters, and trials leads to just, speedy, and cost-effective outcomes for our clients.

This is why we build a community around our workers: they're friends, neighbors, people you volunteer with, people you root for. And Ipro's objective is to help our employees fulfill their dreams while making a difference to our customers.