Thank you for wanting to learn more about Ipro and our processing and hosting services!

Coupled with our enterprise eDiscovery software, hosting your data on the Ipro cloud has endless benefits including custom IT support, free backups of your data, on-demand spin up and regular, automatic updates.

Benefits of Ipro for enterprise

    • Introduce automated quality controls to minimize human errors
    • Easy-to-Use intuitive interface 
    • Self-service data uploads 
    • Gold-standard in Imaging, OCR & Production using Ipro worker engines
    • Upload your data for instant review and eliminate inefficient workflows
    • Decrease time spent on tedious, time-consuming tasks
    • Scalability allows you to customize Ipro to meet your licensing demands

Our Latest Case Study

“The Ipro eDiscovery Suite ultimately improved the firm’s ability to produce higher quality, streamlined reviews and provided the flexibility to handle cases of any size. Using Ipro, they were able to increase their caseload by hosting over 330 cases and 40TB of data, while still working fewer hours and maintaining a small team. “The workflows are well thought out and the system is intuitive to use, which minimized the learning curve for our technical staff, support personnel and attorneys as they adopted the system.”

– Chamberlain Hrdlicka

Ipro lets you avoid the time delays, errors, and budget overruns common in other eDiscovery systems. With Ipro, discovery data is automatically copied, processed, filtered, and loaded into Review.