15x Faster

processing speed over traditional processing, while still maintaining flexibility for all your customer needs

95% cull rate

which reduces risk and outside legal spend while maintaining defensibility


file types processed with metadata gives powerful insight into enterprise data

With our Best-in-class Processing Engine

Upload Evidence

Your customers can upload evidence using Self-Service to quickly ingest, assess, report, and stream millions of documents directly into document review, fast. Self-service places powerful processing capabilities at the point of need and provides visibility into processing job status and completion.

Fast, Scalable Processing

Our highly scalable architecture offers virtually limitless processing speed and power to meet even the tightest deadlines. At the core is a multi-threaded fully-distributed processing model so productivity is never compromised. Gain visibility into job status and prioritize job order to focus on the most critical customers.

Uncover & Understand

Use advanced analytics to uncover critical evidence faster and in ways that you couldn’t with traditional linear search. Combine concept, timeline, and technology assisted review (TAR) to provide deeper insight by uncovering related evidence and communication patterns. Efficiently cull irrelevant documents before sending to your choice of document review tool.

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AI in eDiscovery: Expectations vs. Reality

There are a lot of claims of “Artificial Intelligence” in the market, but when people hear the term AI, they often think of science-fiction, with robots doing the work that humans had done before. But as Aaron Swenson, Director of Product at Ipro, says: “In Legal, you don’t want the AI doing the work for you. You want it to help you ask the right questions, show you insightful trends in the data.” AI in eDiscovery, by Ipro.

Download this white-paper to learn how AI can help you streamline your eDiscovery process & reduce costs.

Productivity Highlights

Up to 95%

performance gains in report generation

Up to 70%

efficiencies in CPU usage

Up to 40%

increase in overall processing speed


extraction of meta-data fields


processing of new and complex file types


production quality; incl. MS Office file types

Ipro's hybrid approach to eDiscovery

Flexibly manage data environments and hosting costs by deploying on-premises, in the cloud, on desktop or a hybrid option, while seamlessly integrating with your existing internal systems. Regardless of the deployment option, your data is secure, supported, and easily managed regardless of size or file type.

“Using Ipro, doeLegal reduced an initial 2 TB collection of over 11 million documents to a final production of under 150K documents – a 96% cull rate.”

– John Hagan, doeLegal