What are Litigation Support Services?

When a litigator is in the midst of a complicated legal battle, Ipro’s litigation support services allow your legal team to concentrate on building a strong case by providing you with efficient and cost-effective case management through e-discovery processing services and hosted document review options.

Ipro’s litigation support Case Managers assist your case team by recommending economical solutions for your e-discovery processing needs while also helping you to develop a well-organized document review strategy that leverages our first-class Ipro Analytics, such as TAR, email-threading, near-duplicate detection, and concept clusters. .

The Ipro System Advantage

When you partner with the litigation support services team at Ipro, you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want. Our case managers can help you meet your litigation support needs in several critical ways:

  • Review. Our team can assist you in customizing your review case, workflows, tag palettes, coding forms, searches, and linear review. Users can submit new user requests, run searches, submit production requests, and training on new review features is continually available.
  • Early case assessment. Ipro’s Timeline, Visual Search, Clustering, and Keyword Management features help you select your data to conduct a more focused review. Our experienced case managers are available to review workflows and keyword search syntax, and to help you prioritize your Concept Clusters.
  • Technology-assisted review. We include Ipro Analytics – email threading, near-duplicate detection, concept clusters, categorization and Technology Assisted Review (TAR) in all cases we host. Our team can help you identify responsive and non-responsive documents, prioritize your review, and speed up review time.
  • Production. Ipro’s case managers will ensure that you stay in front of production deadlines by proactively building production templates in advance, imaging relevant documents as they become available, and conducting a comprehensive QC throughout the entire process.
  • ESI processing. With the Ipro platform, our case managers can efficiently process thousands of electronic file types, including forensic image files. No project is too large – our solution is entirely scalable with automation built right into the software to provide an exceptional client experience.
  • Case management. Once the workflow is established, Ipro’s Services Client Portal allows requests to be submitted directly to the services team any time.
  • Processing. Legal teams can utilize our best practices case template or choose to let us help them build a custom case. With deduplication, date range, file type, and file extension filters, we manage the process and allow you to focus on your review.

Streamline Your Litigation Support

From ESI processing to hosting and ECA services, Ipro is committed to helping your legal team succeed. To find out more about how our Services Team can fill in your most pressing litigation gaps, contact Ipro today.