Find out how 5 legal teams overcame their challenges, utilizing Ipro’s Hybrid approach to eDiscovery.

There are a lot of stakeholders and processes involved in eDiscovery, which makes it an extremely complex adventure. For many years, people said that with the right software, you could handle everything. But software alone isn’t enough. That’s why you need a technology partner to help navigate the unpredictable waters of eDiscovery.

When software isn’t enough: Data continues to grow in size and complexity, and the need for that data in investigations and litigation is now a daily occurrence. For an agile response, innovative approaches to eDiscovery are necessary, and rather than trying to go at it alone, forward-thinking legal teams will look toward a hybrid approach.

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“This tool is a perfect fit for many firms who want a “behind the firewall” solution that is easy to use, cost effective to deploy and gives them a competitive edge over other small to mid-size firms who use higher cost hosted solutions.”

Connie Martin of Martin Litigation Support Services, LLC shares her use of our software when providing consultative, training, trial consulting and litigation support services to prestigious trial lawyers and litigators.

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Questions & Answers

What is the future of eDiscovery and litigation services for smaller law firms?

Smaller firms and organizations are often left out of the conversation when it comes to eDiscovery. Yes, they still are expected to handle electronic evidence as it arises in civil litigation or in criminal cases, but because of limited resources, they often must manage ESI either using older legacy software or by handing their data over to a 3rd party vendor.

Wait, isn’t most eDiscovery software expensive and designed for large firms?

Many in the industry are saying that new cloud offerings are the solution for small firms, and certainly they give power and flexibility, but are often geared toward enterprise clients (just imagine your grandfather buying a high-end gaming computer to play solitaire and you’ll get the idea).

What if I want to keep my data in-house?

Many firms aren’t ready to move operations to a cloud-based platform, instead wanting to keep things in-house for control and security. That’s where powerful eDiscovery software, quickly and affordably deployed on a desktop with continued development and support, is a game-changer for smaller shops—keeping them ahead of technology trends.

So what is the solution for small firms?

Ipro for desktop is capable of handling millions of records, seamlessly flowing data through the different phases of litigation from review and analysis to trial presentation. It is accessible by any number of users within your infrastructure, and it can be deployed in less than an hour with all the functionality you need for cases of any size.

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