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A Swiss-Army knife for eDiscovery, Scanning, Coding, Printing, OCR, and Production. Made for smaller volumes but easily deployed on any desktop, laptop or networked machine. The upgrade for eScan-IT is a move to Ipro (Desktop) which also encapsulates all of this functionality and more.

Classic Suite

A Suite of modules that include (Build) for image and load file manipulation, (Print) for batch printing, (iPublish) for creating run time deliverables, (OCR) for creating searchable deliverables, and (Reports and Utilities) for reporting purposes. The upgrade for Classic Suite is a move to Ipro (Desktop) which also encapsulates all of this functionality and more.

Premium Scan

A production grade scanning application designed for the assembly line team workflow. Meant for the larger jobs. Though it can handle just a Redweld or two, it was designed for the hundreds of boxes. Allows for up to 99 fields of coding and can handle the most complex requirements. The upgrade for Premium Scan is a move to Ipro (Desktop) which also encapsulates all of this functionality and more.


In the time needed to make a copy, you can produce a complete image, text and runtime database system, along with a paper copy. Allows for Scanning, Coding, OCR, Batch Printing, and full Production options. The upgrade for Copy+ is a move to Ipro (Desktop) which also encapsulates all of this functionality and more.


Ipro Eclipse® is a standout among eDiscovery solutions, and it integrates as a component of Ipro (Cloud | On-Prem). With Eclipse, you’re getting advanced analytics, computer-assisted-review functionality and even more cutting-edge features.

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Eclipse SE

Eclipse SE has been purpose-built with the most cutting-edge features found in an in-house review solution. Effortlessly manage reviews, unitize documents, ingest native files and produce documents with this true all-in-one litigation platform.

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TimeCoder Pro

TimeCoder Pro is video and transcript synchronization software widely used by legal videographers, court reporters, and law firms. The software automatically synchronizes transcripts and video depositions using advanced speech and pattern recognition.


TimelineXpress allows you to quickly choose a design, create events with linked documents or media, share with others and present to your audience. Present the entire chart, a specific time segment or display events one at a time as you walk through the chronology. Designed for trial presentation, TimelineXpress stands alone or can be presented in TrialDirector.

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DepoView allows you to create and save video clips, search transcripts, and export synchronized video depositions to other programs. DepoView is the easiest way to review the deposition, search important segments, and extract key testimony from your video transcript.

DepoView for iPad

Want to review depositions from your iPad? DepoView users can now easily import their depositions to the DepoView app and review or make clips while away from the office.

DepoView DVD

Review video depositions and associated transcripts on a DVD player or personal computer. Like most DVD chapter selection capabilities, DepoView DVD allows you to easily find a specific page of the video transcript with the page selection screen.


Ipro iConvert is a free utility that converts industry standard load files to other formats and can process multiple conversions in one pass. Ipro iConvert also allows you to verify the integrity of image files and to use e-discovery reporting.

You can download iConvert from MyIpro here. If you do not have an account, you can register for one for free on the login page of MyIpro.


Allegro is an early data assessment tool that allows users the quickest access to case data so they can interactively cull document collections while gaining a better understanding of key facts, individuals, and events related to a case before moving on to the costly stages of attorney review.

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