Kim Taylor, COO and President of Ipro, Discusses eDiscovery and Technology with Legaltech News

Kim Taylor sat down with Michelle Nunes with Legaltech news to answer questions surrounding the industry as a whole. You can watch the full floor show interview here, or read the synopsis below.

Legaltech news: Attorneys are often called technophobic. How would you recommend they handle the new reality of eDiscovery?

Mr. Taylor: The industry is changing at a rapid rate. But luckily, lawyers and firms are growing up with technology all around them. It’s hard to keep up, even with all of the resources online, so you still should have a partner for your tech needs. With Ipro, there are over 400 service providers that can help law firms and corporations through the changes, and our technology team works to make the process simpler.

Legaltech news: What about the growth of data? Does it have a negative impact on litigation and what role does technology play to manage it all?

Mr. Taylor: It’s had a positive impact. With all the technology workflow systems and automation, it forces law firms and corporations to enhance and embrace technology. By doing that, it’s allowed them to practice law by getting through the data and the relevant documents faster than ever before.

Legaltech news: Any big technology breakthroughs on the horizon?

Mr. Taylor: We believe our new Automated Digital Discovery solution that is comprised of Allegro, Eclipse and eCapture is a step toward revolutionizing the industry. Currently, the industry is using arcane methods and big chunks of data from copy to review. Our solution streams data in a straightforward process to eliminate the starts and stops. The question is how do you simplify, automate and make eDiscovery affordable? With the Ipro Automated Digital Discovery solution with Current streaming technology, we think we are doing just that.