Kim Taylor’s CEO Announcement Featured in Legaltech News

The e-discovery software company chose Taylor for his “unique ability to translate vision and strategy into world-class execution.”

Written by Ian Lopez, Legaltech News Dec. 4, 2015 E-discovery software solution provider Ipro Tech announced on Dec 2 that Kim Taylor has been appointed to the company’s chief executive officer position.

Commenting on his new position, Taylor told Legaltech News, “I look forward to expanding on the strong foundation we have built as we continue to develop industry-leading technology. Our technology coupled with the incredible talent we have at Ipro puts us in a unique opportunity to shape the future of Ipro and the eDiscovery industry.”

Jennifer Stevenson, vice president of marketing at Ipro, told LTN that, “Kim is incredibly passionate about Ipro and our customers’ experience. Every day, he drives us to provide the best service in the industry.” Commenting on what it’s like to work with Taylor, she added, “Kim embraces balance, fun and freedom, while still pushing productivity. Each day, he adds little fun into the workplace… but above all he is passionate about people, whether it’s Ipro’s customers or its employees.”

Taylor will succeed Jim King in the CEO role. King, who will remain with Ipro as chairman of the company’s board of directors, appointed Taylor as Ipro’s president and chief operational officer in 2012. In addition to adding CEO to his title, Taylor will remain company president.

In a statement released by Ipro, King commented on the Taylor’s appointment, which he said happened at “the perfect time,” because “Kim has demonstrated his unique ability to translate vision and strategy into world-class execution, bringing together teams and ecosystems to drive results for the company.”

“Kim is knowledgeable in every eDiscovery segment and technology area, and will move the company forward with the speed required to capitalize on the opportunities in front of us,” King said. “He is a champion of the Ipro culture and has an incredible ability to inspire, energize, and connect with employees, partners and customers. Kim’s vision, strategy and execution track record is exactly what Ipro needs as we enter our next chapter.”

Stevenson noted that the King believed that the company could best-utilize its opportunities with Taylor in the CEO position.

When asked why King was leaving his CEO post, Stevenson said, “Jim’s decision to step down was a natural succession process for which he had planned. After accomplishing so many of his business goals, Jim is eager to get to his bucket list of personal goals which includes his love for travel. In his role as chairman of the board, Jim will continue to have input on the company’s long-term strategies.”

“There wouldn’t be an Ipro, or eDiscovery as we know it for that matter, without Jim King,” Taylor said. “He is a titan of our industry and should be recognized for the enormous contributions and influence he’s had over the past 25 years. I’m delighted that I still get to work with him on strategic initiatives in his role as chairman of the board.”

Officials said in a statement that Taylor has helped lead Ipro through a “complete rebrand, recruited a phenomenal leadership team, transformed and streamlined Ipro’s software offerings.”

“After visiting face to face with countless service providers, law firms, government agencies and corporations for the last 23 years, Kim set out to change the eDiscovery industry which he felt was too complex and costly,” Stevenson said. She said that Taylor’s vision, branded as ‘{i-proclamation}’, was essentially a promise that “simple, affordable and automated eDiscovery” should be normal.

“Kim has put this vision into action at Ipro and is excited to continue to deliver on it now and into the future as CEO,” Stevenson said.

Among the software offerings introduced during Taylor’s tenure was Ipro’s Automated Digital Discovery platform, an integrated platform that streamlines workflows to assist legal professionals. Introduced this past September, the company said that the platform automates key steps in data management and production, thus avoiding time delays and errors typically associated with the discovery process. Ipro is also widely known for its desktop e-discovery solution Eclipse.

Stevenson noted that Taylor was instrumental in the support of the ADD platform, and that he spent three years working on this project.

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