The Fastest Access To Case Data

In the earliest stages of litigation, it’s critical for attorneys to get to the facts of the case quickly in order to develop case strategy, gain an initial estimate of litigation costs, and better prepare for Meet & Confers. Allegro’s Litigation Knowledge Management (LKM™) functionality gives law firms quick access to the crucial facts of a case, allowing legal teams to answer important questions like:

  • What are the key custodians, terms, and date ranges we should include in our eDiscovery plan?
  • Are there any timeline gaps in our collected data which need to be addressed?
  • What is the size and scope of the data collection likely moving forward to review?
  • What costs would be associated with reviewing said data?

Visually Cull Your Data

To simplify the Early Case Assessment process, Allegro presents data in easy-to-understand graphs, charts, and timelines. Attorneys can use these interactive charts to drill down into specific date ranges, key custodians, or other relevant metadata for a deeper look at the data. By presenting data the way people think, legal teams are able to develop case strategy while removing irrelevant documents from the collection before sending on to full-scale attorney review.

Reduce Review Costs Up To 90%

By using the customizable filtering options and advanced keyword search functionality, litigation teams are often able to reduce data collections to as small as 10% of their previous size, reducing review time and the expenses associated with it.

Begin Native File Review or Enhanced Discovery Immediately

Allegro is a component of the Enterprise Digital Discovery Platform, a comprehensive system providing law firms, corporations, and service providers with all the tools they need to address every stage of the litigation lifecycle. After culling, files can be made available in the review platform Eclipse for native file review or eCapture for enhanced discovery and document imaging. This is done within the database without creating any new copies of the electronically stored files, saving time and storage costs while keeping the document collection pristine and reducing the chance of errors or missing files.

Key Features

  • High speed ingestion indexes and organizes large amounts of unstructured data quickly
  • Easy-to-use interface reduces training and maintenance
  • Visual representation of data makes it easy to see the big picture, sooner
  • No appliance restrictions allows infrastructure flexibility
  • Robust security at the user level for ultimate control
  • Forensic file handling for added capability
  • Integrated OCR via Enterprise Worker(s) to take advantage of eCapture’s robust OCR capabilities
  • Numerous export options, including direct export to Eclipse and Relativity