The Processing Powerhouse Used By Thousands

eCapture is a fully-automated electronic evidence processing solution designed to perform electronic discovery, processing, and production tasks quickly and accurately. Gain control over large, complex data sets quickly by using eCapture to discover hundreds of different electronic file types in one application. Cull, search, and view your document collections while removing duplicates and system files. Convert the final document collection to TIFF or PDF using high-speed production technology, saving time and money by streamlining your discovery workflow.

Handle Any Size Project With Distributed Production

Infinitely scalable, eCapture increases production speed simply by adding workstations, not personnel, for virtually limitless processing speed and power to meet even the tightest deadlines. eCapture is built around a multi-threaded fully-distributed processing model so productivity is never compromised.

Software That Works For You, Even After Hours

The automated worker machines used by eCapture are self-healing and require almost no human supervision to deliver quality productions, project after project. Begin production before leaving the office without worrying about gaps in productivity after hours. A feature-rich quality control module then allows QC personnel to validate processed data in batches appropriate for their skill level. To further enhance production quality, eCapture automatically flags documents containing certain characteristics, such as foreign language, for further attention during QC

Key Features

  • Automated workers minimizes labor and maximizes productivity
  • Proven multilingual conversion and normalization technology included
  • Powerful searching, de-duping, filtering and parent-child document handling
  • Flex processer lets you define custom processing rules as needed.
  • Self-healing workers and “Set it and Forget it” functionality needs almost no human supervision for ultimate productivity
  • Truly distributed architecture means you can increase your processing power at any time for 100% scalability
  • Manage Terabytes of Data Processing From One Central Console
  • By utilizing Windows Remote Desktop, one user can control multiple processing environments in one or more data centers from anywhere in the world
  • Hundreds of export options to fit any project