Ipro has been developing advanced litigation scanning tools since 1989, after discovering during the Savings and Loan crisis that the software available during that time period proved insufficient to accommodate the volume and requirements for litigation. Over the past 25 years, Ipro has perfected applications designed for firms in need of complex, high volume litigation imaging.

Related Products

  • Image, Bates label, and print with one button
  • Produce an electronic database of scanned documents with a runtime viewer
  • Intuitive, touch-screen interface reduces learning curve
  • Combines eDiscovery, scanning, and printing into one desktop tool
  • Dedupe, filter, and search to reduce size of collection
  • Autoload into Eclipse SE to begin desktop review immediately
  • High volume imaging for any size organization
  • Robust security permissions at every level
  • Intuitive project set up and advanced QC module to reduce errors