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How Secure is your (Technology) World?

We’ve all seen the headlines of breach after breach of big corporations, such as Target and Yahoo. Perhaps the most alarming was the Equifax breach in late 2017 affecting 145M customers, the full impact of which is still yet to be determined. Rightfully so, cyber attacks like this keep our personal and professional security top of mind.

As legal industry professionals, the security of sensitive data is critical. We all know the confidentiality of document review for eDiscovery. A breach of information could potentially cause irreparable damage. Imagine hundreds of privileged documents for a high-profile client suddenly becoming public fodder (think, Sony’s epic email breach). Or the juicy details of a divorce proceeding, ahem, Tiger Woods, or even the strategy email exchanges between you and your client. Needless to say, these scenarios would produce a devastating outcome.

So, what can we do to protect data in this age of cyber hackers? One major consideration is to move to the Cloud. Cloud-based technology offers a variety of defenses against electronic breaches of information primarily by utilizing robust auditing and encryption for sensitive data. In the eDiscovery world, using a cloud-based review tool not only gives you flexibility and contributes to a more efficient review, but it provides the necessary security to ensure the data in your care is safe.

Now that 2018 is under way and the looming compliance deadline of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) approaches, the responsibility to ensure adequate privacy and security has never been more critical than now, especially if your needs require data-sharing with large corporations at risk for security breaches.

On a personal level, consider storing important and sensitive documents in the Cloud. Avoid the hacker hangout of public WiFi. Use complex password conventions. Be leery of unsolicited emails asking for private information or links to click. Use two-factor authentication whenever available. Keep your computer systems updated. Finally, monitor, monitor, monitor- your bank accounts, credit accounts, and credit reports. Vigilance, both personally and professionally, is the best defense against a cyber attack.

For more information about Ipro’s cloud-based technology, click here.

Ipro Announces the Return of The Sedona Conference Tracks for 2018 Innovations Event

the Sedona conference

Tempe, Ariz.- Ipro Tech, LLC, a worldwide leader in eDiscovery solutions, announced today that The Sedona Conference will once again be offering several new learning sessions at its signature Ipro Innovations 2018 Conference, scheduled for April 30 through May 2 in Scottsdale, Ariz.

The Sedona Conference sessions will be consistent with its mission to drive the reasoned and just advancement of law and policy by stimulating ongoing dialogue amongst leaders of the bench and bar to achieve consensus on tipping point issues. Jerami Kemnitz, Chair of the eDiscovery Strategy & Advocacy group at Fredrikson and Byron will be leading the panel sessions. “The eDiscovery landscape is constantly changing. We are looking forward to sparking dialogue on recent case law and rule changes, updates on international data privacy regulations and practical guidance for handling investigations.”

The Sedona Conference sessions, for which Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) accreditation will be applied, are among over 50 other informative breakouts that cover eDiscovery best practices and getting maximum use of Ipro technology. Ipro Innovations 2018 is free to attend and held at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, which also offers visitors two golf courses, a spa, several live entertainment venues and a casino.


Founded in 1989, Ipro is a global leader in the development of advanced eDiscovery software solutions, and now includes trial preparation and presentation tools. Ipro’s ADD Automated Digital Discovery workflow platform helps users organize, review, process and produce litigation data of vast sizes and complexity, assisting customers to be more efficient and cost-effective than ever before. To learn more or to schedule a demonstration of the ADD software, visit iprotech.com.

Ipro Announces Expanding Partnership with ProFile Discovery

TEMPE, Arizona – Ipro Tech, LLC, a worldwide leader in eDiscovery solutions, announced today the expansion of its ADD Partnership with ProFile Discovery, an Ohio-based company that has been committed to solving client challenges for over 15 years. The combined commitment of these two companies to helping their customers has naturally led to a strong business relationship that started in 2006.

Originally known as Profile Imaging, this company began as a document scanning and copy shop. When Andrew Keck, CTO, joined the team, he chose to launch the eDiscovery services for the company by purchasing and using Ipro’s eCapture software. Electronic Discovery became the dominating service for this business, resulting in the ProFile Discovery we know today.

Since that initial purchase of one eCapture license, ProFile grew from three workers to five, then ten, and so on, which eliminated the need to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars upfront. Now, they also enjoy the benefits of the Ipro’s Eclipse and ADD platform. Linda Wong, Director of ESI at ProFile Discovery, explained, “Ipro ADD has greatly reduced the time spent discovering, processing, and loading [data] into Eclipse, allowing for a quicker turn around while increasing productivity.”

However, the growth is far from over for ProFile Discovery. Andrew Keck expressed his excitement about ADD and using the Early Case Assessment feature to put together Intel reports on data. The company has goals to use their Ipro Partnership to grow business and continue to move data to the security of the Cloud.

The Ipro Partner Program is designed to help companies offer the products and solutions desired by customers, gain differentiation in provided services, build credibility in the industry, and grow the business. Kim Taylor, CEO/President of Ipro Tech, stated, “We have enjoyed working with ProFile throughout the years, but our momentum as a team hasn’t stopped. Together, we will continue to bring solutions the eDiscovery industry has never seen before.”

For more information about becoming an Ipro Partner, email partnership@iprotech.com or visit their Partner Program page


Founded in 1989, Ipro is a global leader in the development of advanced software solutions used by legal professionals to streamline the discovery process. Ipro’s worldwide network of corporations, law firms, government agencies, and legal service providers rely on Ipro’s Enterprise platform to organize, review, process, and produce litigation data of vast sizes and complexity levels more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before. For more information on Ipro, visit www.iprotech.com


Founded in 2001 and based in Columbus, Ohio, ProFile Discovery leverages a team of seasoned professionals to provide effective solutions throughout the life cycle of digital evidence. ProFile offers a variety of services, including data hosting, forensic services and project management. This company understands the entire EDRM model, and its employees work hard to assist and advise customers throughout the process. For more information on ProFile Discovery, visit www.profilediscovery.com

The Anatomy of Troubleshooting

While technology can be beneficial and efficient, sometimes things just don’t work (as we have all experienced). And, it always seems to stop working at the worst possible moment. You try everything you can to fix the issue, but with the stress of preparing a case and trying to stick to a strict timeline, it’s easy to become frustrated. You finally decide to call technical support with the hope that someone can help you out.

When any customer or client calls in for help, we want to make sure they have the best experience possible.

There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes for our support team while we are on the phone with you; we review past calls, research your company and software, and try to diagnose your current issue. Understanding the process can help your experience go more smoothly.

With all support calls, we use the “Dig DEEP” methodology, which stands for Data, End User, Environment, and Program. By identifying the symptoms of your problem and linking it to one of these four categories, we can fully solve the issue, instead of giving you a temporary fix.

When a customer calls in, we listen first. We may ask follow-up questions to get a better understanding of the issue, such as:

  • Are the results consistent?
  • Does this happen to other users or computers?
  • Does it happen with particular file types?

Because this industry involves time-sensitive projects with very short deadlines, we will ask about the level of severity for the issue:

  • Is there a time constraint we are working against?
  • Is this causing a work stoppage and preventing further work and deliverables?

At this point during the call, we categorize the issue with DEEP. Typically, problems that are Data or End User related can be solved rather quickly, while issues with Environment and/or Program are more challenging to fix. When we classify a problem as Data or End User, we test the issue by repeating the steps taken by the user or checking our dataset with the software.

If the issue hasn’t been solved at this point, we then check the Environment. Based on the information we gather, we come up with a possible explanation for what may be the cause. Once we know the nature of the problem, we apply a possible ‘fix’ to see if the issue is solved, and if it is, we then create a plan of action that best fits the time constraint and needs of the customer.

We would love for technology to always work correctly, but we also know not everything functions perfectly all the time. So we are here, ready to help you get back on track with your litigation process as quickly as possible.