Migration isn't just for birds

Switching from Legacy Litigation Support Software Without Being Forced to the Cloud

We’ve all been there: we know we need to change our way of doing things but are stuck in the status quo. We tell ourselves, if it isn’t broken, why fix it, because the hassle that comes with change overshadows any benefits gained by evolving. That goes for those of us working in eDiscovery as well. 

It’s time to stop struggling with legacy litigation software. Ipro (desktop) lets you easily migrate…

As digital information stacks constantly grow—file types change, and processing and review costs continue rising—we hang onto outdated software that becomes more and more unstable with age—from limited processing capabilities, issues with filetype compatibility, or a lack of continued development and support. Why spend those extra hours at work struggling with a system that is becoming more outdated, when you could get to the facts of the case sooner while streamlining your team’s process.