“The presentation’s seamless flow easily integrates with the attorney’s dialogue creating a powerful impact on the jury to help them tell their story.”

– Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard, winning a recent $148 million personal injury award while using TrialDirector trial presentation software.

TrialDirector 360 is full of features that will make your trial go smoothly. Present virtually any type of document or media from your PC and create deposition clips in a snap. Streamline your entire trial presentation process with one simple tool.

Litigation Teams Can Easily Collaborate with TrialDirector 360

Multiple users can work collaboratively on a centrally stored case with one simple tool, streamlining your trial preparation and presentation process. Your team’s TrialDirector 360 administrator has complete control over the subscription, feature sets available to each user, and control over which users are active or inactive, depending on the feature set.

The All New Ipro TrialDirector 360

The most flexible and widely-used trial presentation software available. Easily organize, annotate and customize your exhibits for large or small cases.

  • Present virtually any type of document or media from your PC or laptop
  • Streamline your entire trial preparation and presentation process with one tool
  • Organize transcripts, video depos, and documents for offline presentation
  • Wow juries and clients through easy-to-present, impactful multimedia presentations
  • Easily sync your data between collaborators when working on a trial

System Requirements

  Minimum SpecificationsRecommended Specifications
OS: Windows 10 – 64bit Windows 10 – 64bit
Disk space:256GB500GB
Graphics card:128 MB dedicated video memoryNvidia or AMD – 2GB dedicated video memory

32-Bit Office Compatibility – TrialDirector 360 requires a 64-bit Microsoft Access Database Engine for importing legacy MDB database files. Applications such as Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft Visio 2010 install a 32-bit version of the Access Database Engine, which is not compatible with TrialDirector 360.

Internet – While internet access is not required for regular TrialDirector 360 use, customers will need an internet connection to access online content, register, and license the product.

*The minimum hardware requirements are suitable for trial preparation purposes. The recommended hardware requirements are strongly suggested for courtroom presentation.”

Our Latest Case Study

“The Ipro eDiscovery Suite ultimately improved the firm’s ability to produce higher quality, streamlined reviews and provided the flexibility to handle cases of any size. Using Ipro, they were able to increase their caseload by hosting over 330 cases and 40TB of data, while still working fewer hours and maintaining a small team. “The workflows are well thought out and the system is intuitive to use, which minimized the learning curve for our technical staff, support personnel and attorneys as they adopted the system.”

– Chamberlain Hrdlicka