Our Company Culture- Winning. Here’s Why.

Ask anyone working at Ipro and they’ll tell you it’s more than just a job. With our unique company culture, community activism, and leading-edge technology, Ipro Tech is a winning place to work. As we cruise toward 2018, here’s just some of the highlights from this year.

Community involvement matters. Early in the year, volunteers participated in the Phoenix Heart Walk. The team raised over $1100 to benefit the American Heart Association’s fight against heart disease and stroke. Ipro employees continued to engage with the community and give back through the AASK (Aid to Adoption of Special Kids) Drive collecting over 10,000 school supplies for children in need, and notably, a food drive for St. Mary’s Food Bank, donating more than 10,280 items. This year’s generosity exceeded even last year’s epic results.

It’s not all work and no play. Sprinkled throughout the year are numerous events that add to Ipro’s unique culture, including National Donut Day, a Bake Off, National Beer Day, and let’s not forget, geeking out on May the 4th (aka Star Wars Day) with teams showing plenty of spirit by dressing for the occasion. Speaking of dressing up, the team attending the International Legal Technology Conference (ILTACON) went all out, winning first place in the Best of ILTA competition for their Spaceballs collaboration. Later in the year, our teams celebrated Halloween in style. This year’s winners were “totally tubular” with their nod to 80’s fitness.

Taking it outside. Employees showed team spirit participating in softball and kickball teams representing Ipro. In May, folks braved the Phoenix heat attending the annual Family Picnic, where everyone enjoyed tons of food, laughs and downtime.

We’re growing. Ipro welcomed 73 employees, a 62% increase from last year. Our onboarding process is where new employees get inducted into the culture, products and people that make Ipro an exciting place to work. With a deep dive into the company manifesto, the {i-Proclamation} and a rousing scavenger hunt, it doesn’t take long for newbies to understand the uniqueness of the company they joined.

We have an office pet too. A major contributor to the Ipro culture is Sparky, a full of energy Sheepadoodle puppy who pretty much owns the place (and our hearts). She can be found visiting desks offering free belly rubs, throwing her ball down the hallway or napping quietly under someone’s desk. When things get busy, Sparky is always there to provide a moment of puppy love.

It’s been an exciting year of activity, growth, innovation and fun. Here’s to 2017 and an even bigger and brighter 2018.

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