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Data continues to grow in size and complexity, and its use in investigations and litigation is now a daily occurrence. Innovative approaches to eDiscovery are necessary. 

As a global leader in eDiscovery technology, Ipro is the future and growing fast. 

This intuitive hybrid eDiscovery solution helps legal teams locate and understand key data, quickly respond to subpoena requests, complex litigation, and internal investigations, and craft a winning litigation strategy, all while reducing overall cost and risk.

When you have 2TBs of data and a production deadline of yesterday.

– Ipro is there

AI in eDiscovery: Expectations vs. Reality

There are a lot of claims of “Artificial Intelligence” in the market, but when people hear the term AI, they often think of science-fiction, with robots doing the work that humans had done before. But as Aaron Swenson, Director of Product at Ipro, says: “In Legal, you don’t want the AI doing the work for you. You want it to help you ask the right questions, show you insightful trends in the data.”

AI in eDiscovery, by Ipro

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